Why Was Ferrari Putting Bags in Vehicle Cameras?

Ferrari put bags on its on-board cameras for a while, which brought various speculations to the agenda. So what was the real purpose of doing this?

Ferrari’s placement of a small bag on its on-board camera attracted the attention of rival teams, and during practice was made to prevent their activities from being observed. It made me think.

However, the situation was very different from this… Let’s see why Ferrari was using that bag and what was in it?

Why was Ferrari bagging its cameras?

The operating temperature of Formula 1 cameras varies between 50 and 120 degrees. The temperature of the cameras, which also absorb heat from the vehicle It automatically turns off when it reaches a certain level.

For a while, Ferrari used to put a bag full of ice on top of the camera. let the electronics cool down and the camera does not get too hot and shut down. In other words, it was not actually done for the purpose of hiding, but rather for the camera to capture images without any problems.


Still, of course, speculation continued. FIA, This practice should be stopped immediately F1 race director Charlie Whiting said: “As long as it doesn’t obstruct the camera view, there’s no need to worry.” he said. Today, such an ice application is not used.

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