Why is it not possible to kill yourself by holding your breath?

Today, we will talk about the struggle of the human brain to keep the body alive and why it is not possible to kill yourself by holding your breath.

Killing yourself by holding your breath -not surprisingly- It is not possible. Fortunately, the light side of your brain manages to beat the dark side in this regard.

Since the gases that our body needs are vital, in the absence of them long life That reflex comes into play. Here is the description:

Why doesn’t your body allow you to kill yourself by holding your breath?

Don’t underestimate the power of the breathing instinct you feel when you hold your breath underwater in a pool or sea. Rising fast in your blood carbon dioxide and falling fast oxygen This instinct is triggered because of the rate. This instinct is so strong that after a while you find yourself out of breath against your will.

Even if you hold your breath for a long time, as the first stage, due to the falling oxygen level in your blood and the rising carbon dioxide values. you will love it. After you pass out, your brain will command your lungs to breathe normally.

Let’s make things a little simpler:


Let’s designate a person and let it be person A. Person A decides to hold his breath to commit suicide. Person A, who is extremely determined to hold his breath, thinks that he will not give up on his decision.

After holding your breath, things develop like this:

  • Person A holds their breath until they pass out.
  • Person A’s blood oxygen level decreases over time.
  • A person faints. Now the will ceases and involuntary behaviors take place in the body.
  • Person A begins to breathe normally.
  • Person A does not die.

As a result…

Holding breath

Suicide by holding your breath without the aid of an object or environment, due to fainting due to increased carbon dioxide level in the blood and decreased oxygen level It is not possible.

This content was the joke. If you have suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to seek help and see a specialist immediately. Share this thought with someone you trust and get help.


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