Why Does Our Stomach Hurt When We’re Stressed or Depressed?

Many of us; When we are upset, stressed or anxious, we feel pain, cramps or tenderness in our stomach. So how can there be such a connection between the stomach and the brain?

At the end of a stressful day or before an anxiety-provoking situation like giving a presentation, a strange thing happens; a tension in our stomach, maybe A slight cramp… Filling our brain worry and anxiety, It’s as if it finds an echo in our intestines.

In fact, there is a mysterious communication network between our brain and our intestines, and this communication affects both sides. In this complex world of our body, Interesting connection between our mental and physical health Let’s take a closer look.

Our gut and brain have a direct connection.

When our brains feel like they’re in knots, our stomachs are too, because The brain and the gut are connected. Just as what goes on in our minds can affect our stomach, what we eat can affect our mood.

Our brain may provide the general control of our body, but the intestines have their own nervous system and are so powerful that it is sometimes even called the “second brain”. The name of the system is It is the “enteric nervous system”.

The brain and gut systems have a connection even though they work separately.

stomache ache

The enteric nervous system is the system with the largest number of nerve cells in the body, other than the brain. Not only does it control gastrointestinal functions separately in the brain, but it also produces and responds to the same stress hormones and neurotransmitters as our brain. Here is the connection between our gut and our brain, exactly from this system It is caused by.

Even though the two systems work independently of each other, this connection allows our brain to monitor our digestive system and changes the activity in our intestines It allows.

Why do we feel nauseous when we are stressed?

Therefore, if our brain is faced with a situation of sadness, stress, or anxiety, it can transmit this distress to our digestive system and intestinal symptoms such as cramping, discomfort, or bloating may trigger.

Stress can even change gut bacteria.

Why do we feel nauseous when we are in a bad mood?

Gut bacteria can affect the ability to think and regulate emotions. Therefore, constant changes can change our mood. Even the effect of long-term stress on the intestines; Increases sensitivity of the digestive system and various intestinal syndromes, chronic pain and many diseases It may even cause

In short This complex relationship between mind and body One of the amazing features of our body!

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