Why Do We Have So Much Pleasure While Watching Construction Machines?

Let’s admit it, no matter how old we are, we all love to watch construction machines. Well, have you ever thought about what is the real reason behind this passion that we can’t give up?

While crossing the road, there is no one who comes across the construction site and does not hesitate. The situation becomes very interesting, especially if construction machines are also destroying at that moment. even in hand an uncle with a cup of tea We probably haven’t seen the construction site where it is located.

Now our national sport Let’s examine together the interesting relationship between our hobby of watching construction equipment and the impulses we have.

While we are watching the construction machines, we see ourselves in them.

Humans have existed and survived with the instinct of controlling events or other people since ancient times. It means a lot to humanity to have power and dominance, In fact, it is one of our basic needs.

In addition to our positive impulses, the influence of our instincts to destroy, destroy and control cannot be denied. This is what we suppress by unwittingly putting ourselves in their shoes while watching the construction machines. we satisfy impulses.

What are the similarities between construction sites and movie scenes?

movie scene

The movements of the construction machines combined with the learning reflex we have, cause us to feel that we can do the movements we witnessed on the construction site when we actually want to show power. This is when we watch how the protagonist beats his opponents in movies we admire. He to put the hero in looks like.

This instinctive desire to destroy, which Sigmund Freud associates with Thanatos, the death drive, is sometimes not limited to concrete objects. In situations where he cannot get out of himself or when he thinks that a situation is not suitable for him, he in size that can cause harm This desire can also be awakened.

The desire to destroy begins to manifest itself in our childhood


The feeling of destroying and destroying everything in the problems it encounters actually manifests itself in our childhood years, when our superego is just formed. Separating the arms and legs of dolls made as a child, smashing cars or breaking actions are among the ways of expressing this impulse.

As we grow older, these negative impulses come from within, such as sports or dance. with physical activities It is easily removable in size. This negative energy, which cannot be transferred out in a healthy way, may result in serious damage to the person and his/her environment in material and spiritual aspects.

For example; We have all witnessed couples arguing over the phone, and even experienced it personally. Shouting escalates, the heat rises, and the end of the argument if either side can’t contain the urge to destroy by throwing the phone at the wall ends.

Municipalities establish construction site monitoring areas

construction monitoring area

Municipalities cannot remain indifferent to the serious dimensions of the habit of watching construction equipment in Turkish society. As you know to ensure security Construction sites are often surrounded by large slabs, so it’s certainly not easy to watch inside.

Some municipalities also deprive the people of these passions. in order not to deprive offers a solution. In many provinces such as Izmit, Çorum and Bursa, there are construction site monitoring areas so that the citizens can monitor the construction site safely and comfortably.

The Italians even gave this habit a special name.


Italians have even found a special name for this behavior, which is common not only in our country but also in many parts of the world. Bolognada is for people who watch construction with their hands behind their backs, like retired people, and at the same time give advice to others against their will. “Umarell” word is used.

The word meaning “little man” was first coined by writer Danilo Masotti in 2015. Two books and blog sites written later also contributed to the spread of this word and “Umarell” was released in 2020. italian dictionary officially added.

backhoe 2

Considering all this, it is not difficult to understand why a 10-year-old boy and a 70-year-old retired uncle both enjoy watching construction machines. No matter how advanced we are, demolition power of construction machines It affects many of us instinctively and makes construction sites as appealing as movie scenes.

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