Why Do Our Family and Neighborhoods Confuse Our Names?

Many times in our lives, our names have been confused with someone else’s name by someone in our close circle. Sometimes you may even think that they do this specifically. Especially those who have siblings often experience this situation.

The state of being upset about this situation as a small child may have given way to shouting our name out loud over time. Especially our parents mixing up the names of their own children, it can be a bit sad. Of course, mixing our names with our siblings makes sense to some extent, but it’s not just our families that get our names mixed up.

We’re sure you know our name, our colleagues at work or school It can be even more frustrating when he persistently calls us by a name that resembles ours. But we know that we can also make this momentary mistake. So what could be the reason for this situation?

Think about sibling names in a large, multi-child family.

siblings, usually names that sound close to each other is deemed appropriate. Let me give an example of this situation with my brother and me. Only the first letters of the names Emotion and Nature are the same. However, I stopped counting how many times they said my brother’s name when they wanted to call me.

Giving children names with similar sounds, It runs in most families like an unwritten rule. These names are often confused with each other. According to David C. Rubin from Duke University; the first sound is the same or Eray, Giray, İlke, İlker with similar sounds names like more amenable to mixing. This is just one of the reasons.

Mispronounced names are not chosen randomly.

People who mix up your names are usually around us. people with whom we have close relationships. These people are usually our mothers, fathers, other family elders, spouses, friends. You may have thought that often people were thinking of others, calling you by the names of their favorite or unforgettable people.

The results of a study conducted with 1700 people are published in the journal Memory and Cognition. Aforementioned It is emphasized that the wrongly spoken name is not chosen randomly, but from the names of a certain group. According to David C. Rubin of Duke University; shuffled names are accidentally said from the common relationship pool. It is also emphasized that age and gender are not among the factors that cause this confusion.

Actually, it’s a minor cognitive error.

Mixing up the names of the people closest to us; a universal cognitive error in the way our memory categorizes and stores these names. Let’s explain this with an example: a family named Nihat and Zeynep Suppose we have both boys and girls. In this scenario where the names are not alike, the names of the children are confused again.

The reason for this is what the called names represent and a situation depending on what the caller evokes. In other words, when a mother is going to call her daughter, she can call her daughter by her son’s name even if their names are not similar. The person with these two names are the children of the person calling. well they are in the same set of relationships for the caller.

As a result, this situation has multiple factors.

family name confusion tweet

Resembling names in the same relationship set is the main reason. Another important reason is redundancy of units in the relation set. So not only our parents confuse our names with our siblings.

Also, think of your elders. So many names, right? Your parents’ names instead of yours. even your cousins ​​call you by name You must have had a moment.

Now that we have learned the reason for this, maybe we will react less with a different perspective when we experience this situation.


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