Why Do Asians Look So Cute?

As you know, Japanese, Koreans and Chinese look cuter than other people. So what is the scientific explanation for this situation?

The little one of everything usually looks cute. The same is true for humans; That’s mostly why we find babies so cute small, because they are harmless.

As they get older, facial features, nose bridge and limbs become more prominent. That’s why cuteness fades away. Of course, this situation remains the same for some people, especially Asian people.

What we call cuteness is not beauty, sexiness or attractiveness; something else entirely.

Baby face, baby, cute or sweet, whatever you want to call it is up to you. It is common for a person to look like this, which is mostly seen in babies and is normally It must have some physical characteristics that disappear as it grows.

These features include a large head in proportion to the body, thin bone structure, short limbs, hairlessness There are interesting things like In infants, many of these traits are not lost and are transferred to adulthood. to this situation neoteny is called.

The most common ethnic group with neoteny is Asians.

This is something that happened about 30,000 years ago. gene mutation is assumed to occur due to Edar gene This gene is called; It causes thickening of hair follicles, reduction of chin protrusion and breasts, and also changes in the structure of the eyes and ears.

Thanks to this gene, Asians look younger and cuter. In addition, this gene has increased over the years. It caused the Asians to be separated from other races. In other words, over time, the heads of the Japanese and Chinese became larger than their bodies, and their facial features became flatter. At the same time, physical differences between men and women began to diminish.

Another reason why Asians look cute is their choice of mate.


The choice of Asian men to marry women with neotenic features caused the traits we mentioned to be passed on to future generations. well marrying women with these characteristics led to many more people having these traits.

asian woman

Today, not only Asian women are attracted to men of other races, but also to men of other races. Asian men are also attracted to women of other races. The biggest example of this is that K-Pop groups like BTS have millions of fans around the world.

According to the latest research; Thanks to the popularity of K-Pop music in recent years male beauty concept It turned out that instead of the tougher-looking features called macho, smooth faces, thin bodies, that is, a more feminine appearance in general.

In order to have these features, aesthetic It is known that the number of those who have done it is also increasing. Who knows, maybe Asia’s understanding of beauty will soon spread all over the world.


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