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While we all get wrinkles as we age, Asian people don’t even see a wrinkle on their faces. In fact, we are surprised when we hear the ages of most of them.

The reason of this Nutritional factor or genetics? Or is it purely culture?

white skinhow can they stay so young even in their 50s when they actually have the most suitable tone for aging?

The fact that Asians’ aging process is as late as possible is related to genetic factors, lifestyle and skin care habits.

According to experts Skin structure of Asians, has a thicker structure than other ethnicities. According to chemist Chanho Park, this is one of the main factors that prevent Asians’ skin from forming fine lines or tearing easily.

Well, of course, it’s not just limited to this. given natural blessings Asians have the ability to use it in the best possible way.

As you know, they have always been a world brand in skin care.

korean product We buy a product we see with our eyes closed and with great confidence. Because the products they use on their skin have clean ingredients and are very effective.

In the beauty industry Far ahead of America and Europe It’s easy not to see what they are. This diligence has also led to the emergence of a number of innovative skin care products that can delay skin aging and reduce signs of aging.

But of course, it is not possible to attribute aging processes only to these factors.

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Because there are also genetic factors involved. Genetic structure of AsiansIt affects the amount of collagen and elastin in their skin. This keeps their skin looking younger and healthier for longer.

Excessive fatty tissue around the eyesWhile it prevents us from seeing wrinkles around the eyes, the wide bone structures on their faces minimize soft tissue loss.

Of course, these alone are not enough. Balanced eating habitFactors such as health, healthy living, and stress management contribute positively to Asians aging later. If we pay attention to these factors, we will get a much better result than we have now, even if we cannot get the same result.

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