Why Did LG Throw In The Towel In The Smartphone Industry?

LG, one of the leading technology brands in the market, managed to make a name for itself with its phones for a while, but suddenly disappeared from the smartphone industry. So what was the reason for this?

South Korea-based LG; in electronics, chemistry and telecommunications industries a well-known company.

LG, which once produced smart phones in addition to white goods and similar products it produces in the electronics industry, is in the smart phone industry. an innovative company was seen as

Android first adopter LG, one of the brands, was seen as a very innovative brand compared to its period with its designs and the technologies it offered in its phones.

Considering that brands often copy each other in the smartphone industry, LG took a very different stance and was in the market with products that carried innovative technologies.

In 2009, it used the Android operating system for the first time with the “LG GW620” model.

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According to LG, its rivals Apple and Samsung entered the smartphone market much earlier. The brand, which became the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer in the telephone sector in 2009, smart phone He wanted to get a share of the market as well..

With the Optimus series, it took a serious step into the smartphone industry, which gained momentum in 2010.

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with Android operating system Optimus LG, which switched from Android to Microsoft Windows operating system after entering the sector with a mistake that will cause great loss he has done.

The cost of switching to the Windows operating system has been huge for LG.

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LG’s start to use Windows operating system on its smart phones; consumers, LG branded phones not prefer caused, and this situation was introduced in 2013. up to G series continued.

The G series was in great demand and LG began to regain its lost market share.

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of Samsung In competition with the S series LG G series, which is one of the most popular brands, was highly appreciated and demanded in its early days with its Android operating system and other innovative features.

Especially G2 and G3 models, They were described as very successful models in the smartphone industry, but it was soon seen that the case of the G3 had cracks after a while.

Although the G4 model was loved at first, it would start a process that would cause big problems later on…


The G4 model introduced in 2015; Although it is generally liked with its design, speed, camera and screen, some problems that occur after use seriously affect the consumers. disappointed.

There was no cracking problem like the G3, but the biggest problem of this model is that it puts consumers in a very difficult situation. software and technical problems.

For example, devices due to motherboard overheating and later on the G5 model, which will make the ceiling “ghost screen” had such problems.

Many users lost their trust in LG after the problems experienced.


Problems experienced by users; solved with product replacement, refund and similar solutions, but the products are not sold by LG. Users not covered by warranty Unfortunately, he did not take advantage of this situation.

After the crisis with the G4 model, LG continued to make crazy moves in terms of design.

lg g5

For example, with the G5 model in 2016 the world’s first modular phone LG, which launched the market, was able to offer features that would be perceived as high technology and win our appreciation even back then on its phones.

Although it is a brand that is the inspiration behind many technologies currently used with its visionary approach and fearless designs; LG has remained within the series of mistakes it has made since its first entry into the industry. It could not rise as high as its rivals.

Although it continues to release more advanced models; LG has not been able to overcome the trust problem it created with the G4.

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It continued to produce technologically revolutionary products, but consumers did not trust the brand due to the G4 disaster. They were approaching with prejudice. In addition, the products of the brand, which has lost the trust of consumers, are also it was high priced and it was no longer a price-performance product.

Naturally, consumers were hesitant to give a high-priced brand that had chronic problems in the past a chance. Trust problem, high price, LG’s inefficiency in software updates problem for consumers was forming. This situation was also reflected in LG’s market share.

Continuing to develop and produce phones until 2020, LG finally decided to throw in the towel in the smartphone industry.

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Although it tries to hold on to the market with its innovative and radical designs; LG has been in the smartphone industry from 2015 until 2021, when it withdraws from the market. $4.5 billion loss had done.

After years of struggle The giant brand, which announced that it would withdraw from the smartphone industry, thus ended its smartphone adventure…


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