Why Can You See a Silhouette in Foggy Weather?

If you are lucky when you go for a walk in foggy weather, you may encounter a frightening but very flashy event, you may see a silhouette. But actually this silhouette is a reflection of you.

Many situations that we encounter in our daily lives and that we cannot explain on our own, ‘paranormal event‘ can reach levels that can surf the internet. But the truth of the matter can be very different from what is thought and can only be solved with a simple explanation.

Today, we are here with a natural phenomenon that many people are not aware of. Chris Randall, who recently took a walk in the UK’s Lake District National Park, It could be scary if seen in real life. shared an image.

Natural event that can cause you to see a silhouette in the fog:

In the above image, brought up by The Independent, Chris is a few meters away. a silhouette in the form of a black shadow he was seeing. But in fact, this silhouette and the rainbow circle around it, which seemed very faint, were caused by a completely different event.

The silhouette in the image shared by Chris Randall was actually the reflection of his own shadow in the fog. This event actuallyBrocken spectrum‘, or ‘Brocken ghostIt was an event called ‘.

So what is the Brocken spectra?

Brocken spectra, especially in foggy weather and mountainous areas from your own shadow appearing in the fog originates. The event occurs when the sun’s rays hit you from behind. The rainbow around the shadow is formed by the reflection of sunlight on small water droplets in the air, called ‘Glory’.

The Brocken spectre can lead to sights that will amaze you once you know the background:

broken spectrum

broken spectrum

broken spectrum


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