Why Are TV Shows Addressing Psychological Problems Increased?

Fi, Innocents Apartment, Another One, The Red Room, The Girl in the Glass and now the Shahmaran series. Don’t you think there has been an increase in movies and TV series that deal with psychological problems in recent years? “Have psychological problems increased, or has people’s awareness of them increased?” The answer to the question may be in the theory of psychologist Abraham Maslow.

Modern Times movie It was released in 1936. After the Great Depression in 1929, he touched on the economic and social deteriorations that emerged with the effect of mechanization and the increasing unemployment problems. He was an example from the world.

When we look at Turkish cinema, Yeşilçam films also touched upon the problems experienced in their own period. ‘Ayşecik, Sezercik, Küçük Emrah…’ are always the characters of that period. In other words, the problems of that period are always mentioned in many movies and TV series and books written. When we come to the present in movies and TV series that deal with psychological problems We see an increase.

Could we be going through a psychological crisis too?

In order to understand whether the prevalence of psychological disorders in the society is increasing, we decided to refer to scientific data and we saw the following result: prevalence of mental disorders 17.2% found as.

If we come to the relatively recent studies, the data are as follows: According to the data of the 2012 study titled “The Prevalence of Mental Disorders, Distribution by Gender and Their Relationship with Psychiatric Support”, the prevalence of mood disorders in society incidence is 37%. up to the point. If the disorder that follows it anxiety with 29% disorder.

Where are we in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed a theory called the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. According to this theory, human physical and emotional development in five stages would complete.

In the first stage, human physiological needs would fix it. These needs were needs such as breathing, food, water, excretion, sex, sleep, healthy metabolism. When all of these needs were met, a person would move on to the second stage.

In the second stage, the person security need would welcome. In other words, he would try to ensure his physical integrity, work, economic well-being, morality, family, health and property security. After this stage was over, the person would move on to the third stage. Before we move on to step three, let’s pause here and go back to the movie Modern Times. There is mechanization, there is a business problem, there are moral problems. Reminds me a bit of this stage, doesn’t it?

When we come to the third stage, here love and belonging there is. Real emotional needs such as friendship, family, sexual privacy start here. In other words, we can say that psychological problems begin to emerge here.

In the fourth stage prestige there is. Self-esteem, self-confidence, achievement, respect for others, being respected by others are the needs felt at this stage.

In the fifth stage, which is the goal of many of us, self-actualization exists. At this stage, there are needs that are felt to be virtuous, creative, sincere, problem-solving, unprejudiced, and truth-accepting.

Although we cannot clearly say which of the 3-4-5 stages we are today, shaped by emotional needsMentioning psychological problems and using the need for love and belonging as a theme most of the time. in the third stage It may indicate that we are.

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the possibility that our awareness of these problems has increased, doesn’t this possibility indicate that we are climbing higher in the hierarchy of needs pyramid?


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