Why Are the Waters Around the Titanic Wreck Still Dangerous?

The Titanic sank many years ago, in 1912, but visiting its wreckage is still very dangerous today. The reason lies in the waters.

Visitors to the Titanic wreck Are you wondering why it’s so difficult?

If so, you are not alone because this area, One of the most dangerous spots in the deep sea It is known as. But why?

The Titanic lies in the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean at a depth of approximately 3.8 kilometers.

Visibility in the area is quite limited, so You can only see a few meters in front of you. This makes it extremely difficult for deep-sea vehicles to find their way.

At 3,800 meters below sea level, the pressure of the water It is 390 times greater than on the surface.

on the surface Strong currents are a danger familiar to everyone However, there are also strong currents in the deep sea.

Currents can move large amounts of water and over time by moving sediment around the debris It adds new layers on top of the debris.

The Titanic wreck has been lying on the seafloor for over 100 years, constantly rotting away from corrosion caused by microbes.

titanic wreck

Consuming the iron structure of the ship microbes form rust stalactites and the debris is known to be slowly collapsing.

Therefore, caution should be exercised near debris and no direct contact It is necessary.

Sedimentary currents, which occur rarely in the deep sea, can carry large amounts of sediment on the seafloor and dislodge human-made objects.

titanic wreck

On the sea floor around the Titanic wreck, in the past that there were large submarine landslides traces were found.

Such events large amount of sediment It can move rapidly and cause submarines to become trapped in moving sediment.

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