Why Are Rolex Watch Prices So High?

Rolex is one of the world’s largest brands in the production of both men’s and women’s watches. Some people like the brand, some don’t, but there is a fact that must be accepted. Rolex manufactures its watches like a true professional. The production stages are quite interesting. Let’s take a look if you wish.

Rolex is among the most expensive manufacturers to buy in the world in terms of watch prices. However, it has a side that differs from brands that produce luxury products. Rolex is only about 2,000 watches produces. Such an amount is quite a lot for a luxury manufacturer.

To understand why their prices are high, we need to go back to the past. To briefly talk about its history, the foundation of Rolex 1905 dates back to the year. Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis establish a company called “Wilsdorf and Davis” in London. Under this company they imported watch parts from Switzerland and assembled them in England.

History of luxury watch manufacturer Rolex:

The watches mentioned above were initially sold to jewelers. In 1908 the two partners separated. Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex, which will become one of the biggest watch manufacturers of today. The first office he established under the name of Rolex was in Switzerland. La Chaux-de-Fonds was located in the city.

Wilsdorf was a forward-thinking person, so when choosing the company’s name, he made sure to have a comfortable pronunciation in each country. Shortly after, Wilsdorf moved his company to Geneva. By the way, the reason for the company, which was founded in England at the beginning, to go out of England is the application of metals such as gold and silver. your taxes it was high.

In 1910, the first to the chronometer certificate Wristwatch manufacturer was awarded Rolex. In 1926, Oyster model watches made history. first waterproof It was a wrist watch. if in 1945 automatically changing date They developed the first wristwatch.

Rolex’s place in the cinema:

rolex in cinema

It would be quite strange if a brand that had such an impact on history could not find a place for itself in the cinema. Because Rolex watch prices for now will set aside In other words, Rolex is one of the best watch manufacturers in the world.

One of the facts supporting this situation is that the Rolex brand watches James Bond frequent use by a special agent such as For example, the 1989 “Power to KillIn the movie ”, Timothy Dalton wore a Rolex Submariner Date watch.

Another example is in 1962. James BondSean Connery, who plays Dr. Using a Rolex Submariner wristwatch while tracking down No. Today we alsoWhy are Rolex watches so expensive?This watch is one of the products we will examine while searching for an answer to the question ”.

Alright Rolex watch prices why so high?

Rolex uses 904L stainless steel:

rolex 904L stainless steel

There are few people who do not like the design used by Rolex in their watches. Although these designs are due to the work of the designers, the type of steel used in the production of the watches is also very important. 904L type steels used by most watch manufacturers 316L It is much harder and brighter than steel types.

However, some of the consequences of using 904L disadvantages there is. This type of steel is both more expensive and much more difficult to make than 316L. Rolex, on the other hand, began using this type of steel extensively in 2003. Probably the only watch company that has used 904L steel since then is Rolex.

Rolex has several research facilities:

rolex research facilities

Rolex is a high-end Research and Development owns the department. The people working in this department usually work on producing new watch models and developing production techniques.

Such an ambitious company in their laboratories and its facilities need to work with people who are the best in their fields. That’s why very well-trained scientists work on the research of components such as oil used in their machines.

Another of the research facilities was produced for watches. test rooms. In these rooms, the movements, cases and wrist parts of the watch are examined. In fact, it is put to a stress test, so to speak. Besides all this, for working on metals and other materials from electron microscopes and from gas spectrometers There is a room made up of

The place that the human hand takes in production is huge:

Although Rolex receives assistance from robots during production, the operations performed by these robots Generally it gets simple. These processes include stages such as diversification and cataloging.

In fact, most of the operations on the watch human hand carried out by. Rolex watches are checked and tested by humans before being sent to the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute for certification.

High-level testing for sealing property:

rolex waterproof feature

Rolex watches have a good level of water resistance. You can even watch Rolex Submariner watches underwater. to 300 meters It has sealing property. The methods used to test the waterproof feature of these watches give very good results.

Rolex’s diving watches are first tested in pressurized water tanks in the facilities. It is then tested in real waters in the open air. In short, Rolex does not leave anything to chance in the features it adds to its watches. This is something that a luxury brand should already fulfill. responsibility.

Rolex has an army of jewelers:

rolex gemstones

Rolex strives to offer its customers time-honored luxury watches at all times. with jewelers working together. These jewelers assist in purchasing, testing and positioning valuable materials. This is how the precious stones of Rolex women’s watches are added to the watch.

Among these precious materials are some really expensive ones, such as gold and diamonds. In addition, precious stones such as diamonds with their hands There are experienced jewelers that they work with to make the selection and placement of the watches by hand. Meanwhile, Rolex does not hesitate to use precious stones in men’s watches.

Rolex also produces its own gold:

rolex gold watches

One of the subjects that Rolex receives the most praise is that it is the only watch brand that produces its own gold. When this is the case, the question of why Rolex brand gold-plated watches are among the most expensive watches in the world finds an answer.

By the way, if you are wondering about the types of gold produced by Rolex, here is the process: Rolex 24 carats take the gold in 18 gauge It translates to “yellow gold”, “white gold” or “Everose Gold”. He then uses the gold that comes out of it in his products.


is rolex expensive

Should Rolex have price tags of thousands of dollars after all? It’s all about the user. It is about the perspective of the person who answers this question about wrist watches. Of course only looking at the clock Rolex brand watches are not available for In fact, some of the people who buy Rolex watches do not even buy them to use.

Rolex is a brand primarily coveted by collectors. Because the clocks are solid long years they don’t break. Therefore used Rolex The number of hours is also quite high. Of course, there are also Rolex models made for everyday use. However, if we go back to our topic, we can only price a product. high It is not right to hit the ground from the ground because it is.

Also the price of a product low It is not right to praise it because it is. This is exactly what we want to share in our article. Rolex is a brand that makes really quality watches. Since it has a large share in the market, it can set the prices as it wishes.


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