Why Are Boys More Unsuccessful in PISA?

In the PISA evaluation, which stands for International Student Assessment Program in Turkish and is held every 3 years, it is seen that boys fall behind girls in many courses. There are many reasons for this situation according to sociology and psychology sciences.

Does every intelligent person also succeed academically? It is actually not easy to answer this question. Because in business teachers, family, society Many factors come into play, such as However, if we consider this through an international test such as PISA, a gender difference emerges.

Boys compared to girls in PISA in the ranking of success They are a little further behind. This is not only valid for Turkey, but also for many European countries known for the importance they attach to education. girls only better than boys in many subjects, not just one they get points. But the area they excel at is the “reading” section by a margin of 30 points.

That never-ending debate: Are girls smarter or boys?

To date, research on this subject has shown that in terms of intelligence level (IQ) between men and women. there is no significant difference. Studies show very small differences in favor of men and women from time to time. Therefore, it is not yet possible at this stage to assume that one gender is more intelligent than the other in adulthood.

This situation, which is valid for adults, is also found in children. For example, in this study conducted on gifted students enrolled in Malatya Science and Art Academy in Malatya, general IQ, verbal and performance IQ scores no difference was found between There may be several reasons why girls are more successful, if not smarter.

Male students have different learning styles than female students.

Boys are usually more mobile and experience oriented they learn. So they learn a lot by trying. In schools, on the other hand, more passive, verbal and narrative education is given due to the limited opportunities and the large number of students. This may have caused boys to be perceived as less successful in education than girls.

Learning difficulties are more common in boys.

such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) learning difficulties The diagnosis is more common in boys than girls. Almost twice as much. As it is known in this disorder, children cannot stay still and cannot focus on the lesson. This seems to be one of the possibilities that cause them to be perceived as unsuccessful in education.

Our social norms have the capacity to shape even education.


Teachers and parents may witness that girls are more successful in many places and may expect less than boys. If that’s the case, the boys who noticed it too self-fulfilling prophecy fall victim and become less successful than female students.

Another possibility that can fall into this category is that girls’ children that they have no other choice the possibility that they think about it or that their environment imposes it on them in this way. The fact that boys think they can find a job even if they are uneducated.


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As a last possibility, the boys who grew up in families with insufficient financial situation work and earn money at a young age We can say that they feel obliged to pay less attention to education.

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