Why Are Apple’s Computers Called ‘Mac’?

The ‘Mac’ formerly the ‘Macintosh’ is undoubtedly one of Apple’s most iconic products. Apple, which comes to the fore with its new Macs every year, why doesn’t it call these products computers, but instead prefers the name ‘Mac’? Here is the story from apple to computer!

Undoubtedly, in the years when Apple first appeared on the market and iPhones were not even invented yet. most iconic product It was on the agenda with Macintosh computers.

So why does Apple like its competitors in this product? “computer” instead of using your name Preferred to use the name ‘Macintosh’? Come, this is different Let’s find out together the story behind the name.

Let’s look at the story of the name Mac, starting with the first Macintosh computer.

The first Macintosh computer was unveiled in front of Apple shareholders in California on January 24, 1984 by Steve Jobs. This Macintosh, which met with intense interest over time, had a 9-inch screen, 128k memory and 3.5mhz processor. Although these numbers are considered very small today, they made a huge difference with the technology of that time. technological innovation was seen as The fact that the Macintosh was innovative and produced in a size that could be considered small for its time has radically changed the history of personal computers.

The Macintosh takes its name from a type of apple called McIntosh.

apple why mac

Steve Jobs tried different diets in his personal life. While doing the fruit diet, which is one of these diets he tried, He visits the apple farm and learns the name of the company they will establish with his 3 partners. apple decides to be. Just as the company’s name came from an apple, its computers were named Macintosh, a type of apple. ‘McIntosh’takes from. The name of the ‘Macintosh’ is decided by Jef Raskin, who is responsible for the company’s computer project, which will be called ‘Macintosh’ in the future.

Raskin, in an interview in 2003, said that the reason behind the decision to name ‘Macintosh’. Taste the McIntosh apple She says she loves it. The reason why Macintosh is preferred over McIntosh is that there is another company called McIntosh. Apple to McIntosh adding the letter ‘a’ this solves the copyright issue and gives birth to the company’s iconic computers.


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Let’s also touch on this famous McIntosh apple:

The red and green skinned apple, called McIntosh Red, is Canada’s national known as the apple. This apple is named after the one who discovered an unspecified apple seedling while cleaning his farm in 1811, liked the taste of the apples in the seedling and reproduced this apple seedling. From Canadian farmer John McIntosh taking. If the name McIntosh means means ‘chief’s son’. This type of apple, which likes cold climates, is very popular in Canada and the United States; You can think of it like our Amasya apple.

So how did this ‘Macintosh’ become a Mac name?

Apple employees, customers and press officials in the ‘Macintosh’ first came out. Use the abbreviation ‘Mac’ to keep in mind. he preferred. Based on this nickname, which is easy to say according to ‘Macintosh’, Apple considers the abbreviation ‘Mac’ appropriate for Macintosh’s applications such as MacPaint and MacWrite, and in 1997, the company changed the name of the operating system. macOS Deciding to use it as a ‘Mac’, it makes permanent changes to the name ‘Mac’. In 1998, the name iMac has the first name ‘Mac’ computer is introduced and now the series of iconic computers of the company is called ‘Mac’. The company seems to use the name ‘Mac’ to show the difference and quality of its products, as well as to stay in the minds of its users.

What do you think about the story of the name ‘Mac’? Do you think it was inspired by the apple variety?

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