Who Would Play If The Last of Us Series Was Adapted to Turkey?

The PlayStation game The Last of Us, which gained great acclaim with its story, characters and gameplay, has reached a large fan base. After the production was liked so much, the producers did not stay idle and adapted the game to the series. Well, which Turkish actors would give life to the characters if there was a domestic adaptation?

Many of us have high expectations when we hear that a game will be adapted into a TV series. The Last of Us, with its subject, was very suitable for the shooting of the series. Thus cast consists of world-renowned and successful actors.

When a successful production emerges, this situation can attract the attention of other countries and we can see that adaptations are made. The Last of Us will probably never be adapted for Turkey, but if it did, it would be in the series. with players who can We have a few ideas about it.

First, let’s remember our characters and the story again.

Mutation of the Cordyceps fungus is the beginning of an inevitable epidemic for the world. The epidemic, which spread from South America, spread to the whole world in a short time. Joel, a single father in his late 20s, in a post-apocalyptic world amid the epidemic, with her daughter Sarah and brother Tommy tries to survive. However, surviving is not as easy as it seems.

(This part is for those who haven’t played the game yet.) spoilers includes!)

After losing his daughter after a series of bad events, Joel encounters Ellie, who is 2 years older than his daughter. So we continue our adventure with Ellie. Joel and Ellie are our protagonists Although there are many side characters in the game. With the release of the series, the character choices of the producers were showered with criticism. Because many players do not look like the characters in the game.

You can find the trailer of the series here:

For this reason we also based on the characters in the game, We have compiled for you the actors we could see if the series was shot in Turkey.

If the series had been shot in Turkey, it would be nice to see our successful actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Joel.

Engin Altan Düzyatan is another name that can play our protagonist, Joel. As a matter of fact, he is one of the names most similar to Joel.

Beren Gökyıldız, who has already signed many successful productions, was sure to make her acting in the character of Ellie.

The beautiful Night Işık Demiral, who won the hearts of many of us with her acting in the TV series Canım Mom, can play Joel’s daughter Sarah in the series.

Max Bendo, whom we remember with his role as Obayana in Akasya Stop, can be a good option for the character of Henry.

The leader of the Jackson community and Tommy’s wife, Maria, can look much better with the help of Didem Soydan.

The name we chose for the character Riley Abel takes us back to our childhood. Because we are sure that Jennifer Boyner, who gave life to the character of Toprak in My Magical Mom, will suit the character of Riley very well. (Yes, it has changed a lot.)

Murat Serezli had already voiced the character of Tommy in The Last of Us Part 2. If the series had been shot in Turkey, maybe he could have played Bill.

Cansu Dere, whom we know with her successful acting, could have added a little Eyşan to the character of Marlene.

It will be very enjoyable to watch Engin Öztürk in the character of James.

The character of David is the perfect fit for Osman Sonant, who received great acclaim with his Hot Head series.

If the series had been shot in Turkey, the name would probably be too. ‘What’s Left of Us’ would be. You may remember that many examples of this have come to our screens before. for example Desperate Housewives The American TV series called Desperate Housewives, which locked us all on the screen for a while, was adapted.

If we encounter a similar situation for The Last of Us, we are sure that many famous names will want to take part in the production. Of course, we can predict how difficult the work of the producers will be. Because even while we are making this content, for many characters We had a hard time choosing players. You can also specify who you want to see in the Turkish adaptation of the Last of Us (if it is filmed) in the comments section.


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