WHO Staff Abused Women in Congo

The news that came to the agenda last year that the employees of the World Health Organization sexually abused Congolese women became definite today. The investigation, carried out by WHO since October 2020, showed that 83 WHO workers were involved in sexual abuse. Among the victims of sexual abuse was a 14-year-old girl.

The World Health Organization, which has emerged worldwide and has undertaken the purpose of protecting public health, also served in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the Ebola epidemic. But today, some blood-curdling gruesome news emerged about the staff of the World Health Organization sent to the region. According to the information given by the independent commission, WHO employees use the ‘power’ they have. including a 14-year-old boy used women for sexual abuse and harassment.

These ugly news about WHO employees were first reflected in the media last year in Congo, with the accusation of women. Women in the country, in exchange for work that they were forced to have sexclaimed that if they rejected the offer, they were fired. The events occurred during the 10th Ebola epidemic in Congo.

83 people, 21 of whom were WHO employees, played a role in sexual abuse:

Last year, the World Health Organization took action on these allegations and appointed an independent commission. The Commission would be tasked with uncovering the facts quickly, identifying and supporting individuals, ensuring that any ongoing abuse is stopped and the perpetrators held accountable.

Within the scope of this investigation, which was launched on October 15, 2020, 83 employees were found to be associated with harassment scandals and 9 rape cases between 2018 and 2020. About 21 of the accused perpetrators employed by WHO confirmed. It was stated that among them there are domestic and foreign personnel.

  • According to the report, 29 of the victims suffered as a result of abuse. got pregnant, if some had to have an abortion.
  • The youngest victim mentioned in the report, named Jolianne. she was a 14 year old girl.
    • The 14-year-old girl said that a WHO staff member offered to take her home, but instead took her to a hotel and she was raped.
  • WHO officials said that all employees identified in the report and currently employed by the organization were terminated and prohibited from being employed in the future. explained.

Description of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus:

What I want to say to victims of sexual harassment and abuse is I’m sorry. I am sorry for what the people appointed by WHO to serve and protect you have done to you.

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