WHO Official Recommends ‘Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine’

Things are getting worse day by day on the COVID-19 front. While Germany is sounding an emergency alert due to the virus, there is a much more severe increase in cases across Europe than before. As such, World Health Organization officials think it’s time to seriously consider an issue that has been talked about for a while: Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine.

In the last two years, the world has been under its influence and we can’t let go. COVID-19 virus; continues to grow day by day despite the treatments available. Especially as a result of the increase in cases in Europe, until next spring if measures are not taken. 500 thousand deaths More is expected to be recorded.

German Government Spokesperson Steffen Siebert said that due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic, an unprecedented nationwide your emergency stating that it happened“Hospitals are filling up fast. Beds and available intensive care personnel are dwindling. “ warned. On the other hand, Robb Butler, Executive Director of the World Health Organization (WHO/WHO) Europe Region, said that most of the COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit are unvaccinated individuals. ‘mandatory COVID-19 vaccine’ invites you to think about it.

Hospitals in Germany have almost reached their capacity limit

Noting that severe COVID-19 cases had to be placed in remote areas from central points, Seibert said; necessary to overcome the fourth wave of the pandemic and slow the spread of the virus. of all measures drew attention to the need for Seibert stated that approximately 4 thousand COVID-19 patients are in intensive care units and more than half of them are connected to ventilators, while Heike Werner, Minister of Health of the Thuringia state, also stated that hospitals are in intensive care units. to capacity limit stated that he was standing.

During his speech at the provincial assembly, Thrüngen said that 14 patients in the region will be transferred to the states in the north of the country, adding that he hopes the hospitals in these states will continue to accept patients. It also seems that the patients who will be transferred to hospitals in other states are not just COVID-19 patients. Accordingly, in addition to COVID-19 patients, patients in intensive care due to other diseases can also be assisted by helicopter if necessary. to hospitals outside the state will be transferred.

WHO invites countries to reflect on vaccination imperative

world Health Organization

Butler, the WHO European Region Executive Director, said that during a program he attended, due to the increase in cases across Europe. anxiety He said he was in. Drawing attention to the importance of vaccinating every member of the society, Butler emphasized that the rate of spread of the virus is prevented by the mask at a rate of 53 percent, and that the population in Europe is prevented. only 48 percentHe noted that he pays attention to using regular masks.

As for the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine “We believe it is time to have this conversation (mandatory Covid-19 vaccine) from both an individual and population-based perspective. A healthy discussion” Using the expressions, Butler stated that the population of 53 countries in Europe is only 54 percentNoting that vaccinated “There is still a lot of work to be done. We are not at that point yet. It looks like we will have an alarming period ahead of us” he said.


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“Last week we sadly crossed the 1.5 million death mark.” Butler warned that if the necessary measures are not taken to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is highly likely that 500,000 more deaths will occur in early 2022. Underlining that the vast majority of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units are unvaccinated, Butler said that he is responsible for the explosion in the increase in cases. ‘vulnerable’ unvaccinated population, especially after 30 weeks diminished effectiveness showed the vaccines.

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