Who Lost How Much on Bitcoin Exchange FTX? Here are the 50 Biggest Creditors!

FTX‘s bankruptcy caused many investors to lose money in Turkey as well. In this regard, institutions in Turkey took action and initiated some investigations.

Although the surveys FTX Although we see that the exposure is below 10%, considering the number of crypto users in Turkey, we understand that there are thousands of FTX victims.

As you know, a bankruptcy desk was created to distribute the remaining (if any) assets of FTX to the victims and the old management was liquidated.

The creditors started to apply to this bankruptcy desk to get their receivables and get in line.

According to the table made by Galaxy Research on the bankruptcy application files, the first 50 creditors with unsecured money are listed as follows.

Here, it is seen that $21 million of the 50th-ranked FTX customer and $226 million of the 1st-ranked FTX customer remained inside.

Are these users an individual customer or a corporate fund? There is much speculation about it.

Alex Thorn, head of the research firm, said it is difficult to match companies that have disclosed losses, as it is not known when these asset valuations were flagged.

Genesis recently announced that it has approximately $175 million left in FTX. For this reason, it is considered that the 3rd fund may be Genesis.

It is seen that the number of users whose assets are over $ 100 million in FTX is 10.

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