Who is this man we see in every reel? Don’t Share!

Do you know who this man is, who we have seen in many videos we have watched on social media lately, and why we should pass by wherever we see him?

This person nicknamed Mellstroy, who somehow appeared before us especially in his Reels videos on Instagram, It’s not as fun or innocent as it seems.

Who is Mellstroy? Why should we close or not share where we see it? Let’s reveal them one by one.

Who is Mellstroy?

We can see the Russian internet phenomenon Andrei Burim, nicknamed “Mellstroy”, on all social media channels we can think of lately. This guy who went viral like a popular person is actually It does PR through the use of both perpetrators of violence, deserters, and underage girls in its content.

The tactics of this 25-year-old man, who gained fame with the advertisements he received from betting sites, to become a character we see everywhere are quite interesting. While asking their followers to spread their edits all over Instagram, in return for every 1 million views of content. 200 dollars to the person who made the video He says he will give it.

He assaulted a young woman on live broadcast.

who is mellstroy

In the Twitch broadcast opened by Mellstroy in 2020, a 21-year-old Russian model He beat his head by hitting it on the table The images spread. The girl broke her jaw in this incident, and Mellstroy was punished for this incident. The sentence he received was 6 months of correctional labor.

images quite scary and disturbing Therefore, we do not include the video here. It may be better for you not to call and find him, both to avoid giving PR to this terrible man and for your mental health.

Although he was banned from platforms such as YouTube and Twitch after the incident, he was banned from other broadcast platforms such as Kick and Travo. He continued to make money. Here too, he added to his income with illegal betting advertisements.

Even though his name has been involved in terrible events, he is not well known.


When you search the internet about this man, you may come across many things, but many people are unaware of them. Everyone knows him from what he sees on Instagram Reels. Both the tactic of giving money in return for this edit and Advertising illegal betting sites Because of this, he is also quite rich. In 2023, it was known that his wealth was 7.2 million dollars.

There are claims that he currently lives in Antalya. Even though he is a potential criminal, he still continues to make a living through betting advertisements.

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