Which smartphone sold the most in November?

Technology, which has become a part of our lives, brings competition between companies. So much so that the race between smartphone companies continues unabated. Finally, if Best-selling Android smartphones in November and operating system reports.

Top selling brand and Android smartphone

According to the November report shared by Statcounter, Android increased its market share to 71.3 percent from 71.1 percent in the previous year with 2.8 billion users. The mobile operating system in question has 85% of the market share in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam, regardless of the global. The global usage rate of iOS is around 28 percent.

According to the smartphone report shared by AppBrain Samsungholds 34.6 percent of the global market share. At the same time, the company’s Galaxy models were the most popular smartphone series with 7.4 percent.

Samsung geared up!  Android 14 may arrive sooner than you think

Samsung geared up! Android 14 may arrive sooner than you think

Samsung has been pretty good at deploying the Android 13 update. The company’s new goal will be to release Android 14 faster.

Just after Samsung with 14.3 percent Xiaomi while following it Oppo has a share of 10.3%.

Brand Market share (percent)
Samsung 34.6
Xiaomi 14.3
Oppo 10.3
in vivo 9.8
Huawei 6.7
realme 4.2
Motorola 3.7
Amazon 2.6
infinix 1.8
Techno 1.8

It is the second largest smartphone manufacturer with a 17.6% share in the global market in 2019. Huawei, suffered a serious decline due to the sanctions imposed by the USA. The Chinese company also sold its sub-brand Honor.

Best selling smartphones in November

The best-selling Android device in November, with a share of 2.1 percent. Samsung Galaxy A12 it happened. Immediately after, Galaxy A21s from the same series took place with a rate of 1 percent.

Brand and model Usage rate (percent)
Samsung Galaxy A12 2.1
Samsung Galaxy A21s one
Samsung Galaxy A10s one

So what brand and model smartphone do you use? What do you think about the shared reports? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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