Which Questions Are Most Curious About the Provinces?

Our country has 81 unique provinces. Naturally, when the reasons that make these provinces special are not known, we turn to Google, our number one source of information. So, what did people wonder about the most about our provinces? When we enter the search engine and type ‘Why is X city…’ we look at the first suggestions that come up.

As you know, in our country surrounded by seas on three sides and experiencing all four seasons. 81 provinces exists. Although some of these are located in the same regions, what distinguishes each from the other unique features exists. At this point, factors such as the food, the historical value of the province and its values ​​make it stand out.

To learn about the features that make unfamiliar provinces unique, we can use the internet, or rather directly. to google we apply. Now on Google ‘Why city X…’ We will list the things that people are most curious about about these provinces, based on the first suggestions made when we write.

First of all, let’s briefly explain: How are search predictions determined?

Suggestions offered when searching on Google that match what you type most common based on calls. Besides, you search location, previous searches you have made, language and the subject you are searching for interest also has a stake in the delivery of search predictions.

The most frequently asked questions about the provinces?

the Mediterranean region

the Mediterranean region

  1. Adana: Why Is It Hot?
  2. Antalya: Why Is It Hot?
  3. Burdur: Why Cold?
  4. Hatay: Why City of Civilizations?
  5. Isparta: Why Cold?
  6. Myrtle: Why 33 Plates?
  7. Kahramanmaras: Why Mediterranean Region?
  8. Osmaniye: Why Has It Become a City?

black Sea region

black Sea region

  1. Amasya: Why City of Princes?
  2. Artvin: Why Leftist?
  3. Divided: Why Cold?
  4. Corum: Why Not Loved?
  5. Giresun: Why Not Loved?
  6. Gumushane: Why The Most Powerful City?
  7. Kastamonu: Why Withdrawn From League?
  8. Army: Why Not Loved?
  9. Rize: Why Was It Bombed?
  10. Samsun: Why 216?
  11. Sinop: Why was it Conquered?
  12. slap: Why Tokat?
  13. Trabzon: Why was it Conquered?
  14. Zonguldak: Why First Year?
  15. Bayburt: Why Has It Become a City?
  16. Bartin: Why Has It Become a City?
  17. Karabuk: Why Republic City?
  18. Duzce: Why 81 Plate?

Aegean Region


  1. Afyonkarahisar: Why Gastronomy City?
  2. Intellectual: Why Is It Hot?
  3. Denizli: Why Denizli?
  4. Izmir: Why Does It Smell?
  5. Kütahya: Why Cold?
  6. Manisa: Why City of Princes?
  7. Mugla: Why Sparsely Populated?
  8. Servant: Why Land of Lovers?

Marmara Region

Marmara Region

  1. Balikesir: Why Kuvayi Milliye City?
  2. Bilecik: Why is it Important?
  3. Bursa: Why Was It Capital?
  4. Canakkale: Why Impassable?
  5. Edirne: Why Was It Capital?
  6. Istanbul: Why was it Conquered?
  7. Kirklareli: Why Not Developing?
  8. Kocaeli: Why Densely Populated?
  9. Sakarya: Why Withdrawn?
  10. Tekirdag: Why Migration?
  11. Yalova: Why Has It Become a City?

Central Anatolia Region

Ankara Anitkabir

  1. Ankara: Why Was It Capital?
  2. Cankiri: Why Not Loved?
  3. Eskisehir: Why Student City?
  4. Kayseri: Why Was It Capital?
  5. Kirsehir: Why Was It a District?
  6. Konya: Why Not Loved?
  7. Nevsehir: Why Did It Take This Name?
  8. Nigde: Why Not Developing?
  9. Sivas: Why Cold?
  10. Yozgat: Why Was He Sentenced?
  11. Aksaray: Why Has It Become a City?
  12. Karaman: Why Has It Become a City?
  13. Kirikkale: Why Became a Pilot Province?

Eastern Anatolia Region

Eastern Anatolia Region

  1. ache: Why Cold?
  2. Bingol: Why Bingol?
  3. Bitlis: Why Five Minarets?
  4. Elazig: Why Doesn’t He Like Malatya?
  5. Erzincan: Why Sparsely Populated?
  6. Erzurum: Why Cold?
  7. Hakkari: Why Is It Sparsely Populated?
  8. Kars: Why Cold?
  9. Malatya: Why Microclimate?
  10. Mus: Why Migration?
  11. Tunceli: Why Dersim?
  12. Van Lake-: Why Soda? (Since there is no suggestion when typing Van)
  13. Ardahan: Why Has It Become a City?
  14. Iğdır: Why Is It Hot?

Southeast Anatolia Region

Nemrut Mountain

  1. Adiyaman: Why Has It Become a City?
  2. Diyarbakir: Why Amed?
  3. Gaziantep: Why Gazi?
  4. Mardin: Why Bad Plate?
  5. Siirt: Why Not Developing?
  6. Sanliurfa: Why Is It Likened To An Open Air Museum?
  7. Batman: Why Has It Evolved?
  8. Sirnak: Why Blue?
  9. Report: Why Has It Become a City?


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We have come to the end of our list, where we list the first suggestions we come across when we type ‘Why X Provinces…’ into Google, namely the ones that are commonly asked about provinces. Stay tuned for the continuation of our map-based content.

Resources: Turkey with Maps, Google

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