Which parties together achieve the majority

The facts about the federal election in brief

  • Extrapolation: SPD is slightly ahead with 24.9
  • CDU is at 24.4 percent – a historic low, the Greens in third place with 14.6
  • The turnout is currently 76 percent – almost unchanged from 2017

The polling stations are closed. Now the votes are counted. The final result has not yet been determined. The only thing that is clear is that there must be a coalition. But who can mathematically with whom? With our coalition calculator you can work out for yourself which parties can form a government.

The coalition calculator – this is how it works:

1. Set the survey: Click the arrow next to the poll date. Then choose a survey institute. This data is used for the calculation.

2. Select the party: You will find the party names under the semicircle that indicates the seats in the Bundestag. The number above the name shows the number of seats based on the data from the survey previously set. If the party is highlighted in color, it is selected.

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3.Test coalitions: Now you can have parties click and see if they get a majority together. The majority is reached from 300 seats and is indicated in this coalition calculator by the line in the middle of the semicircle. You can remove the party again with the X on the right of the party name.

An example: Click on CDU, Greens and FDP so that the names are highlighted in color. The parties together achieve 336 seats, so they could form a coalition capable of governing.

The current values

According to the ZDF extrapolation, the German Bundestag has 756 seats. The SPD provides 211 politicians and the Union 202. The Greens send 121 MPs and the FDP 96, while the AfD has 85 and the Left has 41 MPs. Should the left not make it into the Bundestag, the SPD would have 217 seats and the CDU / CSU 200.

A grand coalition of the SPD and CDU / CSU would have 413 members and thus hold an absolute majority. According to the extrapolation, that would also be the case with a coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP with 428 seats.

The official result has not yet been determined. We will report at this point.

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