Which is the top smartphone selling brand of 2022?

in 2022 top selling smartphone brand which one was it? In the war between Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, the exit of Chinese manufacturers was at the forefront. However, it was stated that the global smartphone market shrank compared to the previous year. Here are the top selling smartphone brands by numbers.

Top smartphone brands of 2022

According to analytics firm Canalys, the top three smartphone manufacturers in 2022 remained unchanged from the previous year. in the smartphone market Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi continued his leadership. But the overall market shrank 11 percent, with fewer than 1.2 billion smartphones sold.

Samsung’s market share increased from 20% to 22%, while Apple’s market share increased from 17% to 19%. During the same period, Xiaomi’s market share dropped from 14 percent to 13 percent, while Oppo and Vivo’s market share dropped to 9 percent. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Apple took the lead with 25 percent of all sales, while Samsung, Oppo and Vivo also saw increases in their market shares.

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Samsung Galaxy A34 5G technical specifications have been announced!

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Smartphone sales remained lower compared to the previous year. Le Xuan Chiew, Research Analyst at Canalys, who conducted the research, thinks that manufacturers will take more cautious steps in 2023 by prioritizing profitability and protecting market share.

Smartphone sales figures in 2022 are listed as follows:

  1. Samsung: 264 million (22 percent)
  2. apple: 228 million (19 percent)
  3. Xiaomi: 156 million (13 percent)
  4. Oppo: 108 million (9 percent)
  5. in vivo: 108 million (9 percent)

Le Xuan Chiew explains, “Manufacturers are reducing costs to adapt to the new market reality. Tough market conditions can lead to difficult negotiations for both partners and vendors. That’s why building strong partnerships will be important to maintain their market share.”

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