Which is the best digital streaming platform?

DVDs, which were previously used to watch movies and TV series, have been replaced by digital streaming platforms. So much so that these services, which provide subscription-based services, have millions of users today, and this popularity brings competition. However, they offer several advantages to attract more subscribers. So which is the best digital streaming platform? You decide that with our comparison.

Best digital streaming platform: Netflix vs Disney vs Prime Video vs BluTV

The number of digital streaming platforms operating in Turkey has been increasing in recent years. So much so that Disney+, which started broadcasting in our country in the past months, is one of them. Of course, there are platforms such as Netflix that rival this.

The fact that there are many digital streaming platforms makes it very difficult for the user to choose. These platforms are; They create a reason for preference with important factors such as video quality, subscription price and content library.

Statement from Netflix: Subscription sharing blocking policy expands

Statement from Netflix: Subscription sharing blocking policy expands

Netflix announced in its shareholder letter that it will expand its password sharing blocking policy! Here are the details…

Popular platforms serving in our country are mainly Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and domestic competitor BluTV. When comparing these platforms; we have taken into consideration the basic factors such as the subscription price, the number and variety of content, and the video quality it offers.

Subscription price

When we look at the lowest priced service among digital streaming platforms, the Prime Video service offered by Amazon comes one step ahead. This service is with local pricing 7.90 TL covered by an Amazon Prime subscription.

Aside from full HD video quality on Prime Video, you can watch on 3 devices at the most at the same time. At the same time service; It allows downloading content to Android, iPhone, iPad or tablet devices. In this way, you can watch movies or series offline when you do not have internet. Subscription prices of other digital streaming platforms are as follows;

Platform Subscription Plans
Netflix Basic plan: 63.99 TL per month
Standard plan: 97.99 TL per month
Special plan: 130.99 TL per month
Disney+ Monthly plan: 64.99 TL
Annual plan: 649.90 TL
Prime Video Single plan: 7.90 TL
(Amazon Prime)
BluTV Monthly package: 69.90 TL
Annual package: 478.80 TL (39.90 TL x 12)

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