Which Color Car Is Sold The Most In Turkey?

According to the most up-to-date data shared by the Turkish Statistical Institute last September, we tell you which color car is sold the most in Turkey.

Since the whole world is full of cars, there is a lot of data in the middle, when the statistics of these data are extracted, very interesting details can come out.

According to the latest updated figures announced by TUIK in September 2022, the best-selling car colors in Turkey are listed as white, grey, blue and black.

The most preferred car color in Turkey: White

  1. White: 40.4% (165,948 vehicles)
  2. Grey: 28.2% (115,800 vehicles)
  3. Blue: 11.3% (46,564 vehicles)
  4. Black: 7.4% (30.416 vehicles)
  5. Red: 7.3% (30,064 vehicles)
  6. Orange: 2.7% (11,198 vehicles)
  7. Green: 1.3% (5,218 vehicles)
  8. Brown: 0.7% (2,683 vehicles)
  9. Yellow: 0.6% (2,452 vehicles)
  10. Other: 0.1% (170 vehicles)

According to the infographic prepared by True Data from the TUIK September 2022 Motor Vehicles report Turkey mostly prefers white color vehicles. Following the white color gray, blue, black and red colors are in the top 5.

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