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The Apple Magic Keyboard is a very effective product in making iPad users feel the use of portable computers in their daily use. But of course the original one is expensive. We have reviewed the Wiwu iPad keyboards for you.

Which Apple accessory should we buy?


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Wiwu iPad keyboard connects with Bluetooth technology and has a long battery life. Battery life can last up to several months depending on usage and can be recharged via USB cable.

The Magic Keyboard is perfectly compatible with other Apple products and can be used in conjunction with Apple’s “Voice Control” features. It’s also used in conjunction with Apple’s “QuickType” features, allowing you to type your texts quickly and easily.

Wiwu iPad keyboard, where you can create a suitable office workspace for yourself using your iPad, can also be used on iPhone devices if desired, since the keyboard has a lightning input.

You can also use iPad mini, iPad Air 1 – iPad Air 2 – iPad Pro 9.7 2016, which also has a lightning port on tablets. However, if you want to use it both as a cover and a keyboard, you can use it on iPad Air 1 – iPad Air 2 – iPad Pro 9.7 2016 A1674, A1675 versions.

The original product, which has MFI (Made for iPhone) Certificate, now makes your typing easier thanks to the wired keyboard.

Models with a collapsible flip-cover that can enter automatic sleep mode, as well as an L design built-in Lightning USB cable, also have a backlight to work in the dark. For iPad users working with a pen, there is a pen storage compartment reserved for the Apple pen.

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