Where Is The Coldest Place In The Whole Universe? No, not Sivas!

Have you ever wondered where the coldest place in the universe is? The coldest place in the universe we observe is 3 times colder than the cold record on Earth.

Humanity has been closely interested in space for decades. Although we have succeeded in going to the celestial bodies around us with or without humans, the steps we have taken in space have not yet been taken. baby’s first step cannot go further.

Humanity, which is very inadequate in the face of the size of space, is trying to observe this huge area with telescopes that can show billions of light years beyond. Contrary to the winter months of previous years, in these periods of hot weather, a question came to our minds: Where is the coldest place in the universe?

The coldest known place in the universe is 5,000 light-years from Earth.

Located in the Centaurus Constellation Boomerang Nebula, the coldest place in the universe – as far as we’ve observed so far. The Boomerang Nebula, with a dying red giant star at its centre, is made up of dust and ionized stones.

Located at the center of the Boomerang Nebula, a relatively young planetary nebula. star on deathbed It emits intense ultraviolet radiation, causing the gases to glow and produce colored light. In doing so, it actually sheds its outer layers.

How cold is the Boomerang Nebula?

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the coldest place in the universe Boomerang Nebula, -272 degrees Celsius. This value is only 1 degree warmer than absolute zero, -273 degrees Celsius. This is three times higher than the record temperature of -93.2 degrees Celsius recorded in Antarctica.


Why Can’t the Temperature Drop Below -273 °C While It Can Reach Billions of Degrees?

This extreme cold is caused by rapidly moving gases.

Boomerang Nebula

Gases, which also give the nebula the “fog” appearance, are emanating from the stellar core at a speed of 164 km per second. Thanks to this high speed, the nebula is also expanding very rapidly, and this rapid expansion main cause of low temperature is stated to be. In other words, gas is released in the form of very fast winds, and this wind expands rapidly and acts as a cosmic refrigerator that allows the temperature to drop significantly.

The Boomerang Nebula does everything very fast.

Boomerang Nebula

The star here actually has many similarities to our Sun. Our Sun will also turn into a star that sheds its outer layers at the end of its life. However, the reason why the surrounding of the star is cold is because of its mass. 100 times faster than similar stars to be losing.

Considering that even the remnants of the Big Bang were -270.4 degrees Celsius, the Boomerang Nebula is in the universe we observe.i the coldest place We can safely say that it is.

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