When will the new Xbox come out?

When it comes to the game console, Microsoft’s Xbox is among the most important names. It has been a long time since the last Xbox game consoles were released. Upon this ‘When will the new Xbox be released?’ The question began to be asked by the players. The reports that emerged today give information about when the new Xbox will be released.

New Xbox consoles won’t be released until 2028

It’s been more than two years since Microsoft Xbox announced the current game console on the market. After all this time, Xbox Series X and S consoles have faced many problems. If these problems request, semiconductor shortage and COVID-19 occurred from the events.

Despite this, console players are wondering when the new Xbox will be released. Documents published today by the Competition and Markets Authority as part of Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard revealed some facts on the subject. According to these documents, new Xbox consoles, until 2028 it won’t come out.

Huge Apple campaign from Xbox Game Pass!  3 months free

Huge Apple campaign from Xbox Game Pass! 3 months free

Microsoft is offering 3 months of Apple Music and TV+ service for free to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners. So how is it taken?

Microsoft-owned Xbox is giving buyers console choices at the start of a new generation. ‘will re-evaluate’ He acknowledged the concerns. Also, it’s not just a matter of players deciding to buy a new console. ‘an event that happens once in eight years’ said that.

Current consoles, Xbox Series X and S, have been on the market since November 2020. According to Microsoft’s definition every eight years, the next new Xbox will arrive in 2028. The company is in the latest documents, at the earliest before the autumn of 2028 He also states that he will not be driven.

When will the new Xbox come out

The Xbox X and S are relatively new to the average console. Therefore, it seems like it will take a long time for players to hear anything official about a next-generation Xbox console. Also on Xbox Game Pass Considering how successful the service is, there is no doubt that the company will also drive a console.

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