When will the iPhone 13 series be available for pre-order? Here are the predictions

Apple announced last week that it will hold its new fall event on September 14. Although the company does not talk about what it will introduce, everyone can guess that it may consist of the iPhone 13 series and other products.

The Cupertino-based manufacturer is launching the new iPhone 13 series next Tuesday, i.e. 14 September will be officially introduced. So when will these phones be available for pre-order? Here are the predictions made considering Apple’s past years…

What can we expect at the September 14 Apple event?

There are days left for Apple’s new iPhone series presentation, an event that technology enthusiasts expect every September.

Apple’s iPhone 13 series available for pre-order September 17

Reliable sources have made predictions about when Apple will open its new iPhones for pre-order. According to this apple, possibly the iPhone 13 series September 17 will be available for pre-order. Considering the previous iPhone 12 series, this is highly likely.

On the other hand, in addition to the pre-order, there are some predictions that the general sales will start again when. Based on these predictions and Apple’s strategies in the past years, iPhone 13 series, a few days after September 17, September 24 It will begin general sales on However, it should be noted that this will vary from country to country. This may reach until December or November in our country.

Apple Watch Series 7 is coming

Apple will not only announce the iPhone 13 series at its event on September 14. In addition to its new iPhones, the company will also showcase important products such as wearables and wireless earbuds. One of them will be the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Watch Series 7, which was previously claimed to have problems with its production, has overcome all these problems and is ready for promotion, according to recent reports. The Watch Series 7, which is expected to come with a new design, larger screen and various features on the software side, will be introduced with the iPhone 13s and will probably be pre-ordered with the phones.