When will the foldable iPhone and OLED MacBook and iPad be released?

Apple has innovative goals such as foldable iPhone, OLED iPad and MacBook in the coming years. Accordingly, a road map showing the products the company will introduce by 2027 was leaked. iPhone SE 4 and the foldable model did not go unnoticed.

Apple’s road map, leaked to the internet, revealed the company’s plans for the next five years. Although the reality of the leak is not yet known, iPhone, iPad and MacBook models that will be offered until 2027 have emerged.

According to the road map iPhone 16 series It is expected to consist of four models and all devices will be powered by 8GB RAM. Pro models may have 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch screen sizes, as well as a 5x periscope zoom camera.

Battery Health feature for new iPad models from Apple!Battery Health feature for new iPad models from Apple!

Battery Health feature for new iPad models from Apple!

Apple announced the Battery Health feature for the new M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro models with its latest iPadOS 17.5 update…

In 2025 affordable iPhone SE 4 will be introduced. The device, which will come with a larger 6.1 inch screen compared to previous models, will receive major improvements such as a 48 Megapixel main camera. This shows that the affordable iPhone option will experience a significant leap.

Will be available next year iPhone 17 Pro The series will feature a triple 48 Megapixel rear camera setup and a 48 Megapixel selfie camera with OIS support. The device may also come with Samsung’s Pol-less displays for a thinner design.

Apple 10th generation iPad discount priceApple 10th generation iPad discount price

Apple also has a 6-inch outer and 8-inch inner display with foldable iPhone in 2026 It was claimed that it aims to enter the foldable market. It was stated that this device will use low-power LLW DRAM technology. This shows that although it is foldable, it will not compromise on performance.

The leaked plan also showed that an OLED upgrade will be available for the iPad Air and iPad mini in 2027. Finally, Apple will also introduce 14-inch and 16-inch OLED MacBook.

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