When Starlink Will Coming to Turkey Has Been Announced

SpaceX made a statement regarding the fate of the internet kits it opened for pre-order within the scope of the Starlink project, which also concerns Turkey. Explaining that there were delays due to the chip crisis, Starlink officials also announced when the kits would be delivered to other regions, including Turkey.

One of the most important projects of SpaceX, which was founded under the leadership of Elon Musk and especially known for its work on space tourism. starlink. With mini-satellites placed in Earth orbit a global internet network The project, which aims to establish Now, there has been a very important development regarding this project.

SpaceX has announced that kits that provide internet access from Starlink satellites to pre-order it started a while ago. Even in Turkey, consumers, who wished, placed their pre-orders on the condition of paying certain amounts. One of the first names to order Starlink internet kit from Turkey. tot. Unfortunately, the kit did not reach us or other consumers who pre-ordered it. The company now delivers what it promised the end of 2021. on the condition of the kits made an important statement.

The kits will be delivered and available in 2022

In the written statement made by Starlink, it is stated that intense efforts are made to produce kits that will provide internet from the satellite, but of the chip crisis It was stated that it also affected them. For delays in deliveries apologetic and Starlink officials, who said that consumers can give up the kit by getting a prepayment refund, via the accounts opened. order that it is possible to follow up reminded. But the most important announcement was when the kits would be delivered.


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It seems that the engineers did not stay idle during the production downtime. Starlink internet kits since it was developed said In the written statement, it was stated that the new generation kits are in the production phase and will start distribution in 2022. According to the company’s claim, the new generation kits offer much better performance than the previous generation kits. The company, which will start delivery operations in the next year, It will start to serve in 45 new countries, including Turkey, in 2022..

You can watch our video below that we ordered a kit and gave information about Starlink.

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