When is the Black Friday sale?

Those who follow the discount periods to buy something new often hear about Black Friday, or the Legendary Friday discount period, which is more commonly used in our country. This period, in which both online-online shopping stores and physical stores make their customers happy by making serious discounts, has been recorded as the period when Turkey’s most shopping is done.

Black Friday What is “Legendary Friday”, what does it mean?

In fact, according to statistical data, shopping during the Legendary Friday period is increasing every year, and especially online shopping platforms, with the contribution of the discounts they offer, are in demand from all over Turkey. So, what does Black Friday-Legendary Friday mean, in what time period does it take place, and at what rates is the discount made in this special period? Come to the details of all these, let’s take a look together.

The color black, which is associated with negativities in many cultures, is associated with a day, may sound a little strange at first and can have negative connotations, but Black Friday-Black Friday, which is based on store discounts, gets rid of negative connotations when evaluated from an etymological point of view. Black Friday is now considered the start of the Christmas shopping season, although there have been some other events in the history of the United States that are described as “Black Friday”.

Black Friday, which was implemented in 1939 with the advice of then-US President Franklin Roosevelt, represents the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday, whose popularity has increased and whose reputation has exceeded the geography in which it emerged, thanks to the big discounts that companies have made either during the full day or in the days following and before this special day, maintains this popularity with various narratives.

One of these narratives is based on the colors used by store operators in the US when accounting for shopping details. Accountants record losses made by businesses in red and profits in black, and during Black Friday, black prevails over red. As a result, accountants and store operators call the day of big profits Black Friday.

Another narrative is based on the chaotic shopping spree in the US city of Philadelphia in the 1950s, where Black Friday sales were popular. A chaotic environment emerges when large numbers of people pouring into the streets to shop during the Thanksgiving season gather with the crowds outside for that day’s important football match, and the tourists in the city.

Disrupted traffic, store employees who have to work long shifts, thefts, and the inability of law enforcement to manage this whole process cause today to be called Black Friday. Although the merchants of the city tried to change the name of this special day to Big Friday in order to prevent Black Friday from being remembered with this unpleasantness in the following years, the socially accepted expression Black Friday remains valid until today by getting rid of the unpleasantness of the past.

Legendary Friday, on the other hand, is considered as the localized version of the Black Friday period, where discount shopping is made by e-commerce platforms in Turkey. Platforms organize discount campaigns similar to those of companies abroad, only for today or spread over a few days, allowing users to buy the products they want at affordable prices by paying less.

When does Black Friday start?

Black Friday, which also shows similarities with the USA, is recorded as the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving Day falls on Thursday, November 24, 2022, this year, Black Friday, or Legendary Friday, as it is commonly used in Turkey, begins on Friday, November 25, 2022.

However, both online shopping platforms and physical store owners who want to make their customers happy by stretching the discount period a little more can configure some or all of the last days of November for discount sales. Due to the diversity of the product range, high demand from people and many other factors, it is not surprising that the Legendary Friday discounts continue until the first days of December.

How much discount will be on Legendary Friday?

During the Black Friday-Legendary Friday period, when companies make the most profit and make significant sales, along with New Year’s shopping, discounts can be realized on countless items from electronics to personal care products, from cleaning solutions to white goods. Aiming to increase the sales circulation of products that do not receive significant discounts throughout the year, companies also reduce the prices of products that are highly sought after by users, allowing customers to have the products they need at more accessible prices.

The Legendary Friday period, where online sales platforms can achieve discounts of 30% to 80%, can also be the scene of flash discount processes. For example, products with a normal discount level during the day can be offered for sale at certain hours of the day and with extra discounts in the quantities specified by online stores. In such cases, users always keep the notifications of the mobile applications of the online shopping platforms they are included in, in order to reach the products they need at the most affordable prices, and perform the shopping process with the discount notification received.

Which technology products go on sale on Legendary Friday?

Turkey’s important online sales platforms, including Turkcell Pasaj, offer significant discounts on technology products as well as many other products. Bluetooth supported wireless headphones, which are used by almost everyone during the day, are among the technology products that can be discounted the most.

Smart watches and smart wristbands, which are the biggest rivals of traditional watches, can also be included in the Legendary Friday discounts from the wearable technology products quota. Ready-made computers, portable computers, computer internal hardware components, storage devices such as USB memory, external disk and SSD can be purchased with Black Friday discounts at different percentages.

Game consoles, wide-screen televisions, airfryer oil-free air fryers, robot vacuums and smartphones and tablets, which are indispensable for everyone, can be offered to users with significant discounts. At this point, Turkcell Passage, which has gained a distinctive place among online sales platforms, turns into an Opportunity Passage, and puts a smile on the face of technology enthusiasts with its Legendary Friday discounts.

Will the iPhone 14 enter the Black Friday sale?

iPhone 14, Apple’s new flagship, is at the top of the technology agenda with its admirable brand new features and especially the Dynamic Island notch, which has been reduced in size and given a completely different form. As a result of the increase in Turkey pricing for all of Apple’s products, the new iPhone, which remains well above the accessibility level, is one of the products that can be discounted during the Black Friday period.

The Legendary Friday discounts, which are eagerly awaited by technology enthusiasts who continue their journey with an old generation Apple phone, but who want to take advantage of both the technical possibilities of the iPhone 14 and the advantages of the new iOS operating system, are expected to be valid for the iPhone 14, as in many other phone models.

Opening its doors not only to Turkcell users but to everyone, Turkcell Passage is the most assertive online sales platform where iPhone 14 smartphone model can be purchased during the Black Friday discount period. The platform, which deserves to be called Opportunities Passage, becomes a center where not only iPhone 14 but also other Apple solutions can be obtained at advantageous prices and with confidence.

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