When appearing with Laschet: Merz accuses Greens and SPD of repression policy – domestic politics

It was Merz ‘and Laschet’s FIRST appearance for two since the introduction of the future team …

“Friedrich Merz is one of the economic and financial experts (who) is recognized far beyond the party. I am delighted that he is part of our future team. ”With these words, Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (63, CDU) Friedrich Merz (65, CDU) presented today at an event in Stuttgart.

Merz had a clear message straight away: “If you really want climate protection, you need solid state finances and a flourishing economy. If we don’t have both, we won’t be able to protect the climate either. “

That is the crucial difference between the Union and the other parties. “Basically, it’s about the question: do we want that with freedom and a market economy or do we want that with repression and regulation?” Said Merz.

CLEAR TEXT: Merz accuses the Greens and the SPD of repression.

At the event organized by the employers’ association Südwestmetall, Merz and Laschet presented the Union’s position paper “Solid finances, a strong economy, prosperity for everyone”.

▶ ︎ The main topics of the paper: Reduction of bureaucracy, no tax increases, instead an innovation offensive as well as protection for employees and savers – all points that can already be found in Laschet’s immediate program.

The Union started its final spurt eleven days before the general election. A strategy that worked in 2017: At that time, Laschet surprisingly won the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in the final spurt and became Prime Minister – now it should be enough for the chancellorship. Just like in 2017, Laschet is planning several appearances with Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU), the last in his hometown of Aachen, probably on the day before the election.

Another parallel: As in 2017, Laschet brought Merz into his election campaign team.