WhatsApp will add three text tools

WhatsApp Beta Android released new features with version According to these features, new text tools to be used in WhatsApp status update have been added. So, what are the details of the innovations and what will they do? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Three new text tools are coming to Android WhatsApp

According to the news shared by WABetaInfo today, WhatsApp is working on three new features for the Android version. All three of these features will be related to text tools for WhatsApp status updates. Fonts added for status updates relative to the first via keyboard will change more easily. Users will have an easier transition between fonts this way.

According to the second feature, the texts written for status updates; right, left, or optionally centered able to align. This feature, which is also available on Instagram, is more preferred for post-focused status updates. Thanks to the innovation, statuses shared in any text form will appear more regularly.

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According to the latest feature tested for WhatsApp Android status updates, the background of the text will change color according to preference. In this way, WhatsApp users will better control the background of the status or the background of the text.

New text editing tools for Android WhatsApp status updates are currently in the testing phase. It is not clear when the innovations will come to the stable version.

On the other hand, the platform is finally testing a feature for the iOS version that will allow you to preview the message containing the media without forwarding it. With this feature, iOS users will be able to preview any media and review its alt text before transmitting it for the first time.

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