WhatsApp Releases Self Message Feature

With the new version of WhatsApp, the ability to send messages by itself has started to be offered to users. Thus, WhatsApp can be used as a notepad from now on.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, launched for many users a few months ago. necessitated came up with a feature. This feature allows users so that they can send messages to themselves it allowed. Yes; Now you can share your WhatsApp chats with your friends. like a notebook You won’t need to use it.

Today, there has been an important development on the subject. WhatsApp a few months ago to the testing phase started to offer the new feature it brought to all users. of WhatsApp From iOS version with code 22.23.74 to Android version with code Some users who made the update began to actively use the self-messaging feature. (The feature is not yet available to all users.)

Here’s what WhatsApp’s new feature looks like:

With the new feature, when you open your contact list by tapping the ‘new chat’ button on the WhatsApp home page, you can enter your own number at the top and next to it. ‘(You)’ You see the phrase.

A message you send to yourself on WhatsApp will be shown only once:

WhatsApp new feature

If you send yourself a message on WhatsApp and then enter the chat page, the message only one sent you will see. In other words, a message in the form of incoming and outgoing messages, as in chats with other users. there will be no discrimination.

The page with your chat lists will not change!

Whatsapp home page

In case you send a message to yourself, on the page with the chats your own profile you will see. However, there is nothing on this page that changes the experience of using it. Your self-chat will be located in the same place as other chats. If you want your profile fix it You can place it at the top of the chat page.

So how were we sending messages to ourselves before?


Previously, we had to opt for an indirect way to send messages to ourselves on WhatsApp. For this, we used the ‘wa.me’ link that we normally use to send a direct message to a person or group. To send a message to ourselves “wa.me//905XXXXXXXXXXWe were opening the ” link in the browser and clicking the ‘Start chat’ option.


The “Companion” Feature That You Can Use Your WhatsApp Account On Different Devices At The Same Time Has Been Launched

WhatsApp’s self-messaging feature is currently available in the distribution phase. The new feature is expected to reach all users in a short time.

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