WhatsApp is testing video mode!

WABetaInfo announced that a new feature has started to be tested with a post on its blog account today. The video mode, which comes with the WhatsApp beta update for Android, will turn the platform into Instagram. So what are the details of the feature and how will it look? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Video mode for WhatsApp will provide ease of use

WhatsApp users already have the camera button. holding down It takes video recording within the application. But holding it down makes things difficult for the user experience in some cases. The company also started testing the new video mode in order to avoid this problem.

WhatsApp video mode

Thanks to the new video mode, WhatsApp users can won’t have to hold down while recording video. In addition, the photo/video icon will also be redesigned and changed. The video mode will be right next to the photo mode, as seen in the image above.

WhatsApp introduced its long-tested feature

WhatsApp introduced its long-tested feature

Instant messaging application WhatsApp has launched the Poll feature for group chats! Here are the details…

The instant messaging application also announced on its official Twitter account that the poll feature for group chats was launched yesterday. The feature, which was loved by users in a short time, was used by many people and shared on social media. Surveys of disagreement are expected to be frequent in work and school groups, where many people participate. In addition, the company started to test the Joint Account feature, where multiple devices can be used in a single account. In this way, users will open their WhatsApp accounts on four different devices.

Social media platforms under the umbrella of Meta are becoming more and more similar by taking the features found in each other. On the one hand, applications are copied, on the other hand, users experience usage thanks to new functions.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? How did you find the video mode of WhatsApp, which is in the testing phase, and what are the changes you expect on the platform? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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