WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy after being punished!

Reaching over 2 billion active users worldwide WhatsAppholds the title of the most used mobile messaging application for years. Everyday hundred billion The platform on which the message was sent is now the food from the European Union. EUR 225 million (£188 million) He is trying to cancel the penalty amount.

Amazon enters the encrypted messaging business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has acquired encrypted messaging app Wickr. Thus, the technology giant took another step.

WhatsApp doesn’t want to get into trouble with the EU

WhatsAppate earlier this year 225 million euros updated its privacy policy to be more transparent after the fine and the condemnation from regulators. The company states that the update does not change the way it handles user data. But European union says it meets privacy regulators’ demands for how transparent it is about this processing.

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September In fact, the decision made in of meta (WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook’s new umbrella company) of WhatsApp he said that he did not sufficiently inform the individuals in which jurisdictions the users process their data and how he defines them in his contacts.

The policy that the company has brought with new updates, in the UK and of the European Union General Data Protection their arrangements (GDPR) other accepting Europe It is planned to enter into force in jurisdictions.

WhatsApp reacts to the decision!

WhatsApp, Europe their operations Dublin operates from its head office. That’s why it’s one of the EU’s leading privacy regulators. Irish DPC It was the highest fine ever imposed. Making a statement on the subject, the company said:

Ireland [DPC] We have revised our Privacy Policy for people in the European Region and added more details. However, we do not agree with the decision and we are appealing because we believe that we have already provided the necessary information to all our users.

This update we shared does not change our commitment to user privacy or the way we operate our service, including how we process, use or share your data with Meta. Wherever you are in the world, we protect all your personal messages with end-to-end encryption. This means that even WhatsApp cannot read or listen to them.

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