WhatsApp Business brought the feature of advertising to Facebook!

The business-oriented version of the instant messaging application has the ability to advertise through WhatsApp Business. Thanks to the new feature, users will be able to publish ads to the Facebook audience in a practical way. So what will this feature do and what are the details? Let’s take a look at the news together.

WhatsApp Business can’t get enough of innovations!

Thanks to the new feature, it will now be possible to advertise on Facebook from WhatsApp Business, the business-oriented version of the instant communication application. The Facebook advertising feature is actually already included in Meta Business. With the new feature, customers will start a direct WhatsApp chat with the seller on Facebook.

WhatsApp Premium is coming! Here are the details

Popular communication application announced WhatsApp Premium, which will offer many features for businesses! Here are the details..

With the new feature, advertisers are expected to increase their earnings. WhatsApp Business has recently started allowing its users to add profile photos.

The popular communication application has started testing the WhatsApp Premium feature, which will again be for businesses. Businesses will offer multi-use support for up to 10 devices thanks to WhatsApp Premium. Additionally, it will allow business links to be private links.

If you want to advertise on WhatsApp Business, just follow these steps:

  • WhatsApp Business
  • Settings
  • Advertise on Facebook

WhatsApp has recently started testing and bringing features that stand out, especially in the business field. The innovations made in this field also directly or indirectly affect Facebook and Instagram, which are the other platforms of the company.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Will the ability to advertise on Facebook through WhatsApp Business work for you? You can express your thoughts in the Comments section.

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