What’s wrong with Bitcoin? Fake Litecoin News Killed The Market!

A breaking news in the evening hours moved the market. The claim that retail giant Walmart will start Litecoin payments on October 1 fell to the agencies as a last minute.

The news, which was included by reliable sources such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Globalnewswire and CNBC, turned out to be fake.

The fact that a verified account with 750 thousand followers and sharing Litecoin news shared these news made us think that the partnership was real.

However, the truth emerged when it was seen that Walmart’s official website and news section did not include any information about the LTC partnership. His Litecoin account also deleted his posts.

It was the investors who jumped on the train believing the news in this process. LTC, which rose 30% in a short time, returned to the point where it started at the same speed.

Bitcoin, which was on the rise with the Walmart news, fell to $ 43,500 after the news was revealed to be fake.

The whole process was done and finished in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, $113 million in Bitcoin, $56 million in Ethereum, and $23 million in LTC were liquidated.

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