What’s the Difference Between iPhone 14 Models?

Every time Apple introduces a new phone, the devices that appear are compared to each other due to the similarity of names. This is also the case with iPhone 14 models. So what exactly is the difference between these models?

new on September 7, 2022 iPhone 14 Introducing its family with Pro models applehad revived the Plus model, which it had not used for years. In this context, the new iPhone family has appeared with 4 members. While the differences between them were obvious, they were left in the air for most casual users.

In this context, we look at the features that distinguish the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max from each other. in detail we will look. Devices that do not roughly innovate in terms of design, if we look superficially, are both material and equipment differ in matters. Let’s look at the details together.

What are the differences between iPhone 14 family members?

Let’s start with the design:

In terms of material Apple’s, we see that it takes the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus to one side, and the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max to the other. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models have a glossy glass on the back and on the edges. aluminum material is used. On the back of the Pro models, a matte glass is used, while on the edges stainless steel We see it used.

While the Pro models have four color options that define the upper segment, the basic iPhone 14 and Plus models five pieces There is a choice of colors.

front part When we look at it, the difference between the two segments is seen directly above. While the notch we are used to in the base model and Plus model welcomes us, the Pros Dynamic Island featured notch. When we move to the back, glossy and matte glass distinguishes the feeling of holding in the hand. On the back, we see the Apple design that we are used to on all four devices.

In this context, 2 in 14 and 14 Plus models and 2 in Pro models 3 cameras and 1 LIDAR sensor welcomes us.

All four devices have IP68 certification. This is the device against dust and water It means it’s durable.

A little info at this point:

apple watch

in Apple ads watch waterproof devices, such as dummies, are shown as they float on their wrists. However, Apple is not responsible for the deterioration caused by this situation. not covered by warranty. The same is true for the phone.


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We move on to the dimensions:

iPhone 14 size

As you can see from the table here, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro close to each other that, but weight We can see that there is a perceptible difference between them. The same goes for the 14 Plus and Pro Max. We can say that they do not differ much from the previous models in terms of size.

This was the case dimensions. So what are the differences in the screen part?

iPhone 14 screen

iPhone 14 and Pro models are 6.1 inches; Plus and Pro Max models have a 6.7-inch screen. Another difference that separates the two segments apart from the screen size is that the Pro models are outside. up to 2000 nits ability to shine. Except this pixel densities And not the differences between the screen resolutions, the brightness of the screen and the screen area left from the notch will make the real difference.

More importantly, the Pro models found ProMotion feature can increase the screen refresh rate up to 120Hz. This means a smoother phone experience. Additionally in base model and Plus model Always-on-Display does not have the feature.

What do they have in common?

  • On all devices OLED panel is used.
  • All have HDR and True Tone support

Let’s come to the place where the difference is widest: Performance

iPhone 14 performance

When Apple introduced the base model and Plus model of the iPhone 14, it was used in the iPhone 13 family. A15 Bionic It was a bit strange for him to continue from his processor. But later, when Pro models were introduced, new A16 Bionic We saw the processor. So there are two separate processors in the family. It will not make you feel the difference in daily use.

When we look at the storage options, we see that there is a choice of up to 1 TB in Pro models. In addition, a maximum of 512 GB can be selected on the base models.

What do they have in common?

  • The devices all come with 6GB of RAM.
  • All devices have support for 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3

Surprisingly, the Pro Max model is not at the top when it comes to battery:

iPhone 14 family

Instead, the 14 Plus model, with a small difference that cannot be felt, 4325mAh It offers the most battery capacity with its value. If the lowest battery capacity 3200mAh with the iPhone 14 Pro.

What about the cameras that Apple can’t praise?

iPhone 14 camera

Let’s go from the general to the specific. An additional camera telephoto lens that you see on Pro models but not on some models. also under it LIDAR sensor is included. Basically, the iPhone 14 is both. 12MP It has a main camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera.

On the Pro models, the main camera 48MP up to its value. In addition, 12 MP telephoto and ultra wide angle lenses welcome us. On the main camera of all 4 devices optical image stabilizer and this allows you to take still videos/photos. In addition, we see this OIS system in the Telephoto lens in Pro models.

Up to 2x optical zoom and 5x on base models digital zoom opportunity has been provided. Pro models have a 6x optical zoom range, 3x optical zoom and 2x optical zoom. Besides 15x digital zoom It also supports the camera. You can see the diaphragm values ​​in the table above.

What are the differences on the video side?

iPhone 14 Video

Let’s start with the zoom issue, on the base models (14 and 14 Plus), up to 2x optical zoom and up to 5x optical zoom. digital zoom can be done. On the Pro models, you can zoom in up to 3x optically and zoom out up to 2x. The possibility of digital zooming up to 9 times also contributes to this.

All devices are in 720p quality 30fps can shoot videos. When you want to shoot Full HD, that is, 1080p videos, it can go up to 60 FPS. Same with 4K video capture. In slow motion, 120 on all devices or 240 FPS you can choose.

Is there a difference in motion mode and cinematic mode?

cinematic mode

Minimizing tremors in motion mode If you want to shoot, the base models offer 60 FPS shooting up to 2.8K resolution. In cinematic mode 4K HDR You can capture scenes at 30 FPS. The same is true for Pro models. In addition, all models auditory zoom has feature. For example, while recording a park in a video, when you zoom in to the fountain, the device focuses on the sound of water; When you zoom in on children, it allows them to focus on their voice.

In addition, the Pro models lie ProRes The recording feature is not available on some models.


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If you leave aside the price issue, which one is your favourite?

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