What’s going on between Apple and Twitter?

Twitter, which turned into a completely different platform after the acquisition of Elon Musk, began to lose important accounts. Apple’s event and App Store manager Phil SchillerHe quietly closed his Twitter account. It’s unclear what’s going on between Apple and Twitter for now.

Apple executive shuts down Twitter account

from Bloomberg Mark Gurman According to the report prepared by Phil Schiller, a very important name in Apple, the Twitter account is no longer available. The account, which has more than 200 thousand followers, was broadcasting Apple’s events and commercials. Schiller was also tweeting about major changes to the App Store.

The account created in November 2008 was actually active for 14 years. Although we do not think that it is managed by Phil Schiller, it is possible to say that the decision to close the account was made by Schiller. The Apple executive prefers to remain silent on the matter.

Will Trump return?  Elon Musk reveals his new Twitter plan

Will Trump return? Elon Musk reveals his new Twitter plan

Elon Musk announced that he has reopened his Twitter accounts, which were suspended due to hate speech and aggressive attitudes.

The reason Schiller left Twitter may be Elon Musk’s aggressive behavior on the platform. Pushing Twitter employees to work in difficult conditions, Musk also former President Trump He announced that his account will be opened.

First comment on Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter From Apple CEO Tim Cook came. He expressed hope that Twitter will maintain its moderation standard and “continue to be Twitter” with the new administration.

Talking about the new Twitter policy, Musk said, “Freedom of expression will be our top priority. However, our new policy does not cover freedom of access. We will not tolerate any negative/hateful expressions.” made statements. However, many users think that these discourses are open to discussion.

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