“What Would You Buy If The Dollar Was 5 TL?” Answers to the Question

The dollar has seen 13.46 today, computers cannot be bought at this time… But how about imagining that it is 5 TL for a moment? We asked our followers on Twitter: “What would be the first thing you would buy if you dreamed that the dollar is 5 TL?” we asked. The answers were not surprising.

Turkish lira versus dollar depreciation more and more every day intensifying continues. Let alone what the solution will be at the point reached, the crisis we are experiencing we realize It seems like it will take a long time though. dollar in July 2018 increased to 5 TL and in the last three years without slowing down continued to advance.

dollars more 10 days ago for 10 TL soaring record had broken. If today brand new We witnessed a record. This morning $11.35 which is dollars, exceeding 12 in hours to 13.46 reached. It is also not possible to predict the future fate of the dollar, which was last fixed at 12.83. While witnessing this depreciation of the Turkish lira in hours, “If you dreamed that the dollar was 5 TL, what would be the first thing you would buy? (It is forbidden to take dollars)” we asked. Let’s take a look at the responses from Twitter together.

“It is forbidden to buy dollars”

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