What would we experience if we moved Turkey to the Pacific Ocean?

When we were talking about earthquakes, floods, intense political climate, terrorists, unpleasantness with neighboring countries, this geography made us feel bad. Alright; If we could take the country and go all the way to the middle of the Pacific, far away from everyone, what would we experience?

This is the crazy project, The project of the century… Whichever party promises, it is certain that it will come to power. If they have familiar Arab princes and sheiks, they also invest a lot. If necessary, we can also give land from a few beautiful places, they will be appreciated anyway.

You know the cliché “Our geographical location is good”, the opposite thought of “Geography is destiny” is another cliché in these lands. In that case Let’s change this famous geography, I wonder which cliché has more truthfulness?

If we had always been there from the beginning, our average height would have been quite low since we are an island country.

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The fact that the indigenous people in island countries such as Australia and New Zealand are short is also related to this. The reason is evolution; but this is the subject of another content of ours.

Moreover, Technology does not develop rapidly in a non-competitive geography. That’s why we could have developed as much as the Aztecs, Mayans. Since the colonial countries had reached this place, we would probably have been easily destroyed by them, especially by the Spanish.

But we Let’s ignore this possibility. and suppose we decide to pack up and move right now. What we will experience in such a possibility makes the job more fun.

Actually, we thought we’d get stuck here first, but we couldn’t quite fit in.

turkey map

Loneliness is good, let’s run away…

great ocean turkey

Big enough to fit all continents We’re talking about a place after all.

how big is the great ocean

So how do we go? We can try the same method as the city of Sokovia took off in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Let’s talk about a more difficult example for those who say, “It was a city; it would not be possible to move the country”: In a short story written by Liu Cixin, the Chinese author of the science fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem”, using thousands of fusion reactors They were trying to take the world to another place. There was even a movie made called The Wandering Earth. If the world can be moved, why not the country?

The Wandering Earth

After all, we are the descendants of those who run the ships by land, If we persevere, we can do it.

Let’s say we somehow made it and we were able to situate the country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Our adventures on the road and our attempts to land in the ocean are the subject of a separate spin-off movie, so we’re skipping those.

We can take a deep sigh once we’re settled in safely. Since there is no neighboring country left, it means that there is no one left to quarrel with. Foreign powers are now quite outside.

turkey great ocean

Neither the Kardak Crisis with Greece nor the issues with Armenia would remain. The only people close to us would be the natives of the island of Aitutaki Rarotonga. They used to attack with arrows at most.

We would surely attract the attention of the local people around, and the tribes that tried to cross our borders would become a problem.

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Even those small islands We would have smugglers carrying refugees. The bosses used to employ these natives in the industry/farm without insurance. What about human rights?

Since our destination coincided with the Equator, we would see our true size on maps.

country real size

Since the maps we currently use are prepared according to the Mercator Projection, we see our current size as larger than normal. when we go there This error would be removed.


We Compared Turkey’s Size with Other Countries: Surprising Results Revealed (in terms of surface area)

“If my father came out of the sea, I would eat it!” the word would lose its validity here because there are all kinds of sea creatures in the ocean that cannot be imagined.

Therefore, the probability of poisoning would be high. There would still be something to eat, of course. For example instead of syrup, We used to eat that weird sea creature that looked like it. Pacific razor clam is a lively type of mollusk that is enjoyed in luxury restaurants.


Why wouldn’t the sailors on the oceans catch fish even if they ran out of food?

Ready, as Ramadan is approaching; Since we will be in the middle of the equator, the hours of fasting were fixed, always 12 hours.

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in Ramadan We would also have a discussion topic like a ball of light: Religious experts would probably be asked on television whether it is makruh to have fast-breaking fast with the strange-looking creature above.

Since we would be in a tropical climate, the average temperature would almost always be constant.

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temperature in equatorial climate throughout the year It does not fall below 20 degrees. Temperature fluctuations during the year are only a few degrees and it is rainy in all seasons.

Both winterers and writers would be sad, and the spring people would be in good spirits. Like Uludag, Erciyes there will be no ski resorts Pretty sad when you think about it.

It would be cool to watch the ocean from Hakkari’s mountains. The meeting of Mount Ararat and the sea he created postcard images.

Since all four of us will be coastal cities, the CHP always came out as the first party.

election map

That’s why lots of coalition government we would see

We would be talking about the Mariana Trench monster instead of the Lake Van monster.

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After all, there is a depth of 11,000 km, our nation is very fond of it. urban legend to create.


The Monster of Lake Van, the Ghoul and More… We Pictured Turkey’s Mysterious Events with Artificial Intelligence

Unfortunately, we still cannot escape from earthquakes, they are also very active there.

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In fact, the danger of volcanoes is greater. When a new island formed by sea volcanoes forms We used to plant TOKİ’s there and distribute them by lot.

For earthquakes and volcanoes instead of citing tectonics as a cause we would argue that these were made by HAARP. Others said that it was because of the voodoo magic performed by the tribes in the surrounding islands, or they called it “destiny”.


The Claim that HAARP Can Cause Earthquakes Let’s Say It’s True, But Would We Build Resilient Cities Then?

The famous terrorists of the Middle East would not come here, but instead we would get into trouble with pirates.

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The subject of our domestic films, It would be like Pirates of the Caribbean. And we used to make movies like Jaws because we saw killer whales and sharks, not dolphins, in the Bosphorus.

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Maybe it would not be possible to cool off in the Bosphorus, but Bread break in Eminönü We could eat sharks instead of sardines.

There would be no need to go to the Dominican Republic for Survivor shoots, Bozcaada would be enough for that.


Although, since the country atmosphere will be like in Survivor, then maybe no one would watch.

The mucilage problem would be over, but it’s not very clean there either. There is a garbage island that is many times larger than Turkey.

great ocean trash

We would find ourselves in this garbage island. Plastic garbage from the continents reaches here and enters the sea creatures. And then into those who consume them…

We would have survived the southwest but faced worse: El Nino and La Nina

These water cycles in the ocean, even now can indirectly affect our country. Moreover, due to the global climate crisis, its impact is increasing day by day.

We wouldn’t really want to be in the middle of these currents because it’s literally there. road crossing inn. Due to its effects, it can cause hurricanes, heavy rains, floods, droughts, fires and agricultural product losses.

against them because we do not know how to take precautions even now we would question whether we had gone there with all the trouble.

Oddly enough, there is an urban legend claiming that the Turks actually came from a lost continent there.

mu continent

Legend has it that a continent sank in the Pacific Ocean 14 thousand years ago. The origin of the Turks There were also claims that it could be this continent called Mu. Of course, these are just pseudoscience.

Since it was such a legend, serious efforts were made to search for that lost continent. “Association of Lovers of Mu” is established, when a tablet with texts in a language we do not know is found. “We can’t read the graves of our ancestors” We were dealing with an audience saying.

So what would have happened at that time in our old geography that we left behind?

if turkey didn't exist

  • russians it would not need to go down to the warm seas because the warm seas would have gone to them.
  • As the continental shelf expands of Greece they would be in a good mood, but they would curse us because we took the TRNC with them. Do not be sad that we left them, the Pacific Ocean has become a Turkish lake after all.
  • of Armenia It would be by the sea, and they would certainly be delighted.
  • Georgia On the other hand, iPhone tourism would not be very happy because it would be cut off with a bang.
  • Bulgarians He would be upset, after all, they will no longer be able to enter Edirne and shop cheaply.

In fact, Anatolia once had a coast to the ocean.


Everyone was together on the supercontinent called Pangea. back then if the continents had separated otherwise maybe we’d break off to the right in the Middle East.

After many, many years, our place will change.

one continent

On the new supercontinent called Novopangea We will be squeezed by Africa, As this push continues, there are so many earthquakes in our country. Our place in this new continent, which is shaped like a play dough, will be in the marked part of the map.

If Celal Şengör heard this idea, “How are we going to do it bro?” said no doubt.

We couldn’t say exactly how we would do it, maybe, but what could happen? in the light of science We tried to guess in a fun way.

If you don’t like the Pacific Ocean, we can go to other places. Your suggestions?


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