What We’ve Watched Part 2: YouTube Is Viral In Turkey

You all agree that Youtube is a platform where the one who enters cannot leave again and gets lost in it. Which of us hasn’t spent hours on YouTube jumping from one video to another after saying “What’s going to happen, I’ll watch 1-2 videos and leave”? Let’s remember the viral Youtube videos that once made us all laugh.

Old PayPal Founded in California in 2005 by three of its employees, Youtube has grown so much since then that it is one of the fixtures of social media; perhaps even the most important.

It is possible to find millions of content from education to entertainment on Youtube, which allows everyone to share videos as they please within the framework of certain rules. So, of course, very different things have emerged over the years.

In this article, we will make you say, “What have we watched?” Youtube TurkeyBy making you think while laughing (!) has gone viral We compiled the videos. Also if you are wondering “What We Have Watched Part 1”You can also access it here.

A little note: Before moving on to the videos, some videos profanity and slang Let’s not go without saying that it contains content, that those who are disturbed should continue to write knowing this. Also, we would like to point out that the content is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to offend the people in the videos in any way. Happy reading!

Why did you do this to this boy Leyla- Rapper shepherd

There is no one who does not remember this song, which has won our hearts with its intro and is a rightful rebellion against life. Our brother singing the song gets so caught up in it for a while that he forgets to even breathe. We have no doubt that if the album comes out, it will sell crazy.

You won’t find these in history books – Kenan commander

Forget everything about the conquest of Istanbul and listen to the story from the mouth of the Canaanite commander… There is even the fact that the commander of Kenan, whom no one dared to look into his eyes at the time, even ordered wine to Fatih Sultan Mehmet. We sincerely believe that if we let go, he will conquer even Russia alone. He was last seen killing Covid-19 in Bursa.

Personally, I am convinced that he is high- But how high are we?

Although generally everyone is obsessed with the way this friend tells, it is actually a very high quality story when you skip that part. After all, isn’t it the way of narration that makes the story so high quality and legendary? Homer gets jealous if he sees it.

This is our attitude towards mosquitoes – my blood is my vein

Although his manner of speaking and the language he uses are a bit vulgar, the child is essentially right. He says it as it is; blood is his vein. He translated exactly what we want to say to the mosquitoes that we are afraid to open window frames in the summer months; no more or less.

If they have Tolkien who created language out of nothing for his book, we have Ray Ray Kasım – Ray Malifalitiko

When it comes to entertainment programs broadcast on Turkish television, I think the first name that comes to our minds is the same: Wheel of Fortune. Of course, Mehmet Ali Erbil’s extraordinary presenter had a great impact on this success. When the presenter is this colorful, the guests of the program are just as colorful. Ray Ray Kasım, who composes songs in his spare time, is one of these guests. If we could understand the lyrics of the song, it would be inedible.

I seriously wonder if that grandfather was taken care of- Candle fire

In fact, an aunt, whose only concern is to send a message to the mayor to help a grandfather living on the street, is not known if it is the excitement and pressure created by the camera or for some other reason. It is true that the video, which peaked with its reproach, made everyone laugh for a while. Wow, it’s been 11 years!

The man who whispers to the sheep – Shepherd from Bingol

I passed the funnyness of the video and the voices of the uncle, uncle is not very sweet, but? He is a very good example for the beautiful people of this country, whether he kisses the cheeks as he rushes to the reporter or smiles when the sheep call him as he claims.

Ancestor of product review videos- Tablet chief

It’s true – we all get a little stressed when it comes to online shopping. We can say that this friend of ours, who made fun of this incident, actually translated our feelings with this video.

It is customary to watch before the exam every year – ÖSS Nazif

And this boy is not your enemy, he is your brother. Didn’t you ever feel sorry for this child? Although, as it can be understood from the fact that he can easily go back to sleep, Nazif doesn’t seem to care much either.

The friend who has a very different philosophy about going to the toilet

Because of this video, a whole youth went to school wearing coats to go to the toilet… The weirdest thing is that nobody asked, “Why? “He didn’t question it.

Don’t artists have the right to enter the market- Artis calls la bazarda

This video from 2009 is also the winner of the award for being the oldest video in the series. This video, in which there is a funny conversation between a reporter and an uncle trying to sell his pickup truck in the auto market as a result of a small misunderstanding, may even be the spark that started the history of Youtube Turkey funny videos.

The man is actually quite right- No one can interfere in everyone’s life.

If we talk independently of the expression disorder; Wouldn’t this world be a much nicer place if we just put what this man said into earrings?

It’s not that he doesn’t speak English, you don’t understand – Uncle Taksim

We think it would be a shame if we didn’t make such a list and not include Uncle Taksim, even though it doesn’t feel very nostalgic since it is newer than the other videos in the series. The reporter said in English, “How can I get to Taksim? “Uncle Taksim, who answered in no language when he asked, managed to make us all laugh well in time.

We have come to the end of our article “What We Have Watched Part 2: Youtube Videos that are viral in Turkey”. There may be videos that you expect to see before clicking on the article, but that we forgot to add; but don’t be sad. They are now in Part 3.