What Was 12 Just 3 Hours Ago, Over 13 TL

Opening with 11.35 this morning, the dollar/TL parity exceeded 12 at 11 am. However, even a few hours after that, one dollar broke a new record by seeing the level of 13.46.

The rise in the dollar in recent weeks cannot be stopped. The dollar, which broke a historical record by exceeding the level of 10 TL 11 days ago, exceeded 11 TL 4 days ago, and broke a new record by exceeding 12 TL today. However, even a few hours have not passed since it exceeded 12, the dollar is against TL. surpassed level 13.

The dollar rate, which was at the level of 12.86 TL at 15.20, at 15.30 according to Investing data saw the level of 13.46. Thus, the dollar appreciated by 60 cents in just 10 minutes against the TL. Since 11 o’clock, the dollar has appreciated by 146 kurus against the TL.

Dollar opened today at 11.35 level and hit 13.46 (current) high. In other words, the dollar In less than half a day, it gained 2.11 TL in value.

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