What Made Knight Online So Unforgettable?

What has changed since KO entered our lives, why this game has such an important place and how it is still so popular today, the answers to all questions will be revealed.

In this article, we actuallyTurkish game industryWe will examine the legend of Knight Online in terms of ”. This game brought the Turkish game industry to an incredible point, of course, it had serious repercussions in the world, but it is much more important for us. As you know, Knight Online went through quite turbulent times in Turkey.

of Noah System developed by Knight Online He stepped into Turkey on December 10, 2002. The game, in which you can reach a maximum of 65 levels, is of great importance in the popularity of internet cafes. The game, which was announced as Knight Empire in the first place, was released in 2004. Knight Online When it happened, it caused a sudden jump in all of Turkey. In 2006, we will witness a game that will explode and almost everyone will open a character and then go back and forth between companies.

A rival to Ultima Online, MU Online and EverQuest is born.

The game was very popular at the same time. To Ultima Online, MU Online and EverQuest suddenly became a rival. Especially World of Warcraft In addition to the monthly membership system, which is quite expensive even for the period, it can be said that he created a garden from heaven. While the cafe acting culture and cafe guild structure were already in place among the online games we have mentioned, the game quickly became the center of attention because of the players saying “Hold on, the graphics are better, let’s try this”.


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With K2Network’s expansion of game servers, making it easier for everyone to connect to the game, it would start the “Golden Age of Knight” in an instant. Now almost everyone plays Knight Online, it is difficult to find a place in cafes, in Moradon causing the chicks to frown. Think about it, truancy students were playing KO en masse. Many internet cafes, which opened at 9 in the morning, were now starting to lift their shutters around 8 am.

I’m going to pop the chick, dad can you help me?

up to level 20 Selith’Is there anyone who doesn’t remember the process called “Chick exploding” after the task we took from ? 500k like money. That’s why people were ecstatic when they said I’m going to be 20 to 30. Thanks to the chick medallion, which caused the leveling event to turn into a tremendous experience for everyone, it will help us in the game to win 500k and cause the fireworks to explode… Hey baby hey.

Of course, this is the period when this game is the most crowded. There were quite a few people around helping each other. like today Moradon You couldn’t see it empty. Especially those who tried to step on their weapons from that time, those who burned, those who were upset, etc. the players were causing the game to be pretty sweet.

MSN Koxp and Apostle parties

MSN Koxp I don’t know who found it, how, but probably on Knight Online It is the strangest thing ever discovered. It’s actually a weird “bug” that opens MSN Koxp and causes infinitely safe elements to spawn. This situation, which emerged after 2004, could not be fixed.

Meanwhile Apostle Forming a party is a very charismatic task. You’ll see a lot of types that say “++++”. It was possible to gain both levels, money and items in the Apostle party. Almost everyone who really wanted to be 60+ in the game would get confused here. The only problem with this party is: If you do someone wrong by mistake and don’t take someone who is waiting in line, a Troll Warrior may be drawn soon. They’ll mess up your party, and they’ll alienate you from life. Even if you don’t have Exp stones in your bag, you will lose a serious Exp when you get up. Ah those Trolling guys ah…

Friend in Moradon, foe in CZ… I’ll take your money as a cloak huh…


MoradonThose sweet friends of yours that you used to play together in . They don’t heal while you’re running, they don’t help, they can let you down while fighting. Because of the PVPs of different parties, they can get tangled in your feet. They can even sell your place if they have friends on the other side. It’s a hit-and-run thing.

The amount you will set up a clan tomorrow and the next day, you call my friend and call them to the cloak mission, they ask you for money. What’s what? Don’t trust your friends too much just because I’m on the same side. in the game Karus Who has undermined each other as much as their players have undermined each other at parties? I ask you, reader. However, thanks to this game, very good friendships have been established. There are quite a lot of players who are still in contact with each other.

Unlocking mission, you burned my liver.

How hard can it be to collect 7 keys? Yes it is really difficult. collect keys If you want, the order is wrong, you go from server to server. The key is not in place. The task constantly shows the wrong location. You go to give the quest, there is no NPC in place. For that period, this task is really wrong. Today it has just been fixed completely.

No one said, “There is a faulty mission in the whole game, let’s remove this or fix the unlockers.” No, father, you will suffer that pain. You will feel it till the end that key makerside charDo not open and level again. An enormous task made to inflict pain on the player. Congratulations.

Getting rich from Knight Online.

Making Money From Knight

Tatammmm… Welcome to the most important feature of this game, which increases the number of players. Do you have money in the game? Dropped a good item? Is your character fully geared? Buy the house immediately for the car. Because of this game, neither money was spent, nor houses nor cars were gone, who knows. game even today SteamThere are still people who earn all their income through Knight Online, even though they opened to .

Sell ​​GB, sell weapons, sell necks. Sell ​​as much as you can. The good internet cafe owners of the period made such money that they were only intermediaries in these trades that they could no longer do this business. epin making sites. In fact, many Epin site owners are former internet cafes. Now consider that raptor you dropped it, come on, you are very lucky, it fell like +7. You can celebrate at home with your parents that evening, because it is clean for that period. 1500 pounds in the pocket.

If we leave the edge to the deer; Why is this game important for the Turkish game industry?

Knight Online and Turkish Game Industry

Dear gamer friends, we can make so many deer in Knight Online that even please use the comments for these deers; Send it and we’ll publish it. However Knight Online It provided the radical change and development of the Turkish gaming industry. popular today and Silkroad, Metin2 games like TürkiyeIt has been published locally.

Let’s not give your name, Turkey’s largest game companies Thanks to Knight, we also experienced the opening of the game and the making of the initiatives for games. Entrepreneurs saw that they could make money from the game in Turkey. In the meantime, very bad games came, very good games came; there were those who closed, those who held on; These are separate issues, but the ideas of game development and making games in Turkey came from here.

The Turkish player market and the money spent by the players on the games were statistics over Knight Online. Maybe you won’t believe it but SteamOne of the most important reasons for the Turkish publication of Knight Online. Knight Online 2004Big giants started to broadcast their games in Turkish because of the people playing in .

If you look at it through a realistic concept Ultima Online, World of Warcraft games like literally gamer heat. But KO is for everyone. For this reason, Knight Online actually became a legendary game for Türkiye.


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