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What is XTRABYTES? XTRABYTES (XBY) is a Blockchain protocol that allows Dapps to be created with any programming language. cryptocoin.com In this article, we answered questions among investors such as what XTRABYTES is, what it offers, what is XBY coin, what it does, how to buy it. Now let’s examine this project together, which offers advantages to decentralized application (Dapp) developers.


XTRABYTES is a comprehensive platform that aims to offer users better terms than existing Blockchain networks. This platform provides higher speed, security and scalability than its competitors with its own Blockchain network. With these advanced features, the ecosystem aims to support users to create decentralized applications (Dapps). Dapps on the platform can be written in almost all popular programming languages ​​available. The diversity of programming languages ​​makes the platform appealing to every developer.

XTRABYTES does these features through its own Blockchain network’s consensus algorithm. Accordingly, the platform has a special consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Signature. In addition, the ecosystem includes code-independent APIs and user interfaces with technical support. The project is entirely based on creating a good ecosystem for Dapps. With its high scalability and usability, all kinds of developers and users can benefit from the platform. Ultimately, the platform is an ecosystem where customized services are deployed and used.

What does XTRABYTES offer?

XTREBYTES enables users to create and distribute custom Dapps. For that, it works as a highly customizable platform. Ease of use and flexibility are at the heart of the network. The network is designed to shorten the application development process. It also allows users to start their projects easily and quickly. The platform’s efficiency comes from serving as a host for applications and services across the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. All applications and services run with security and scalability benefits. Proof-of-Signature and application modules support users.

What is XBY? What does it do?

As often happens, this ecosystem also has its own native cryptocurrency. The local presence of XTREBYTES is in the crypto market with the code XBY. The main purposes of this altcoin are to cover network transaction fees, provide modular services on the network, and act as a revenue stream for STATIC node owners. However, XBY price action depends on how many dApps will be built on the platform. It is possible that the value of XBY coin will increase if more applications are added to the network in the future.

What is XTRABYTES? How to get XBY?

XTRABYTES can currently be traded on the Finexbox cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, those who want to buy XBY should access and become a member of Finexbox. Once they do, it is possible for them to place a purchase order for the cryptocurrency by depositing funds into their wallets.

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