What is XDC Network? What Does XDC Coin Do?

XDC Network is the blockchain technology solution created by XinFin. In this article, as Kriptokoin.com, “What is XDC Network?” We will answer the question. In addition, we will touch on other questions about the project.

What is XDC Network? What does it do?

The XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain that operates on the basis of the delegated proof-of-stake (XDPoS) consensus mechanism. XDC Network with XDPoS provides hybrid transit bridges and interoperability for blockchain users. It has a hybrid architecture that is developer friendly by nature. Also, XDC Network uses its democratic consensus and high transparency. In this way, it provides its users with digitization, tokenization and fast trading transactions.

XDC Network focuses on international trade and finance. It has developed a highly secure, permissive and scalable commercial grade architecture. With a hybrid architecture, XDC Network bridges the gaps in global finance and trade. In this way, it helps the financial industries by providing instant and real-time payments via smart contracts. XDC Network is powered by XDC01 protocol. Additionally, the protocol was created to support the smart contracts layer and the AML/KYC layer.

What is XDC coin?

XDC coin is the native token of XDC Network. Also, this token is the core utility token of the XDC hybrid blockchain. This token functions as a currency to settle transactions for dApps built on the XDC hybrid blockchain.

How does XDC work?

The ‘hybrid’ design of the XDC blockchain allows it to work with public blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Transactions designated as hybrid on the XDC blockchain can be sent to and executed on the Ethereum public blockchain, without the use of additional wallets or exchanges. Thanks to interoperability, the XDC protocol aims to create a truly autonomous blockchain environment.

A relay bridge can be used to transfer data and transactions to the XDC Public Network. Scalability, security and compliance, and public trust and liquidity for data and transactions within network rules are all features of this functionality.

What is XDC? How to get XDC coin?

This token (XDC) is currently traded on a small number of cryptocurrency exchanges. People who want to invest in the project should open an account in one of the exchanges where the project is traded. However, the exchanges where XDC is traded are listed as follows: Bybit, Bitget, DigiFinex, KuCoin. Users who want to invest in the project should open an account on one of these exchanges.

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