What is Windows Me? Interesting Features

Entering the 21st century, Microsoft wanted to make an innovation for its users and offered Windows Millennium Edition, briefly Windows Me, as an intermediate version. Let’s take a closer look at the interesting features of Windows Me, which has been deleted from the market almost without being heard with the release of the XP version, and let’s make some nostalgia.

Without a doubt, Windows, developed by the Microsoft company, is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. The reason why it is so popular is that it meets the needs of home computer users with its constantly updated new versions. But do not think that all Windows versions are successful. Introduced in the days when we said hello to the 2000s, Windows Me, how to say, was a bit unnecessary.

The Windows Millennium Edition version aimed to fix the deficiencies in the Windows 98 version and to distract users a little until XP came out. That’s what happened. It remained the last version for such a short time that we are sure that many users have not even heard of it. However, we can say that it offers some unique features. Let’s do some nostalgia and Some of the interesting features of the Windows Me edition see.

Let’s remember briefly, what is Windows Me?

Introduced by Microsoft on September 14, 2000 Windows Millennium Edition, briefly Windows Me; It is the last major version of the Windows operating system to run on MS-DOS. Me, the last version of Windows without an NT core, was developed to complement the deficiencies of the Windows 98 version and to offer some new features to the pre-Windows XP users, which will be released soon.

Interesting features about Windows Me, the shortest-lived version:

  • His name was specially chosen.
  • It aimed to revolutionize multimedia.
  • The most important Windows Me innovation was the System Restore tool.
  • The price had been cut in half so that it could only be sold.
  • Even Microsoft seemed to be ashamed of the Windows Me version.
  • The blue screen error became popular with Windows Me.
  • It introduced users to the automatic update feature.
  • Windows Millennium Edition failed to hold onto the millennium.

The name was specially chosen:

The 21st century, which started with the year 2000, is called the millennium, that is, the new millennium. Microsoft has chosen to celebrate this new millennium with the Windows Millennium Edition. The reason why the abbreviation is Me is that it is asked to mean ‘for me’. So it has a cute name that is carefully thought out.

windows me

It aimed to revolutionize multimedia:

When you installed Windows Me on your computer at that time, the most remarkable applications that you came across They were new applications like Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Movie Maker. So much so that Windows Me promised to turn your home into a true entertainment center. Indeed, many new features came with Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Movie Maker managed to win the admiration of users for a long time with that version.

windows me

The most important Windows Me innovation was the System Restore tool:

Although it is possible to see much more advanced versions in new versions We met the System Restore tool for the first time in Windows Me. This feature, which was previously available in business-oriented Windows 2000, met with home computer users thanks to Me. But this vehicle had a terrible problem; With System Restore, you could restore a system backup of any date, but if there was a virus or malware on the system at that time, it was loaded with the backup. It is a well-intentioned but unsuccessful attempt.

The price had been cut in half, as long as it could be sold:

Windows Me wasn’t really liked. So much so that the selling price of $ 210, after rumors about it started to appear. It was reduced to $100. But still, there was not much space. This unloved situation started to become a joke. Some users changed the name of Windows Me and started to call it Windows Mistake Edition, that is, Windows Bug Edition.

windows me

Even Microsoft seemed to be ashamed of the Windows Me version:

Ok, Windows Me wasn’t the most unstable version to date, 95 and 98 versions also had a lot of bugs. However, Microsoft saw these errors and tried to eliminate them with updates. When it came to Me, Microsoft was completely silent. Not a single update has been released for the beautiful Windows Millennium Edition. Worse still, when users who wanted to enrich the Windows Me ecosystem wanted to buy a new service pack, they faced a huge gap because such a thing had not been done.

The blue screen error became popular with Windows Me:

When you receive an error in the Windows operating system, The blue screen, also known as The Blue Screen of Death, first appeared with Windows 95. This blue screen, which was also in the 98 version, was not very visible, until the Windows Me version. Windows Me was throwing so many errors and so many blue screens that it found its way into popular culture as The Blue Screen of Death. It’s a sad but cute detail.

windows me

It introduced users to the auto-update feature:

The Windows Update application was first introduced in Windows 98. In Windows Me version, Windows Me indeed, it came with a millennium-worthy innovation; Windows Update was now able to auto-update. The user could automatically download the update they needed without making any calls. How ironic that such a successful feature came in such a faulty version.

There is another first that Windows Me offers, Hibernate mode. Actually Hibernate mode It was available to users with Windows 2000, but it was a business-oriented system. Windows Me, on the other hand, was aimed at home computers and introduced Hibernate mode to users for the first time.

windows me

Windows Millennium Edition failed to hold onto the millennium:

As soon as Windows Me was released, it became the focus of many criticisms. Although it is said to fix the deficiencies in the Windows 98 version inundated users with countless errors. A few months later, with the release of Windows XP in 2001, it was completely out of the way. Shared the same fate with Windows 98, which it came to complete to make up for its shortcomings, Windows Me took its place in the graveyard of Windows versions that were discontinued in 2006. He didn’t even have a pleasant voice in the dome.

Considered one of Microsoft’s most unsuccessful businesses We talked about interesting information about the Windows Me version. Although Windows Me has so many bugs, it is still a version that has managed to bring together many new and advanced features that we use even today.

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