What Is This Shape In The Ultrasound Image Of Pregnant Women?

Confused by the interesting ultrasound image shared by an expert on Twitter. The image has something similar to a paw. So what do you think this could be?

A doctor recently shared an ultrasound image of his patient on Twitter. This image, which at first glance can be compared to a paw or even a brass knuckle, must have confused the patient as well: “Doctor, what are these paws, what are these paws? Am I going to give birth to a cat?” he asked.

“I gave birth, my child.” to the cat-dog mothers who say material extractor What does this image actually belong to?

What if we say, “Something that connects a person to life…”?

Of course, cat-dog paws also connect people to life. However, in this image a little more biological. Have you started to think of anything?

Yeah! This paw-like image is actually an “umbilical cord.”


This ultrasound image, which can be understood as the stomach of someone who has swallowed a knuckle, is actually our parents’ stomach. to the university gardens the umbilical cord that a whim had buried.

The umbilical cord of the fetus is not directly connected to the mother’s circulatory system, but to the placenta. As the doctor said “connecting people to life” is a vineyard.

The umbilical cord has a unique structure compared to other organs.


The vein of the umbilical cord, which is part of the fetus, comes from the placenta. oxygenated and nutritious transmits blood. Arteries, on the other hand, carry deoxygenated and nutrient-dense blood pumped by the baby’s heart.

Also, it is not unusual in our biology for a vein to carry oxygenated blood and for arteries to carry deoxygenated blood. in the umbilical cord different from other organs The presence of 2 arteries and 1 vein creates a cute paw-like appearance.

The umbilical cord is almost 50 cm long and is so strong that it can only be cut with a scalpel!

umbilical cord

The umbilical cord is just like a scalpel, as it has a very strong structure. with a very sharp instrument must be cut. The 50 cm long and 2 cm diameter umbilical cord can pose a great risk to the baby if cut prematurely or late.

After the tie is cut a wound in our belly remains, and the image that emerges after this wound heals is our “belly button”. Other mammals also have an umbilical cord. They break this bond by biting, so the enzyme in their saliva prevents bleeding after the rupture.

Under the tweet shared by the doctor, there are also funny comments such as:





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